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Pretty good for a snowboarding game, I guess.

The Good
I have to say I'm not a big fan of either snowboarding or snowboard games, but as a racing game against network opponents this game is quite fun. There's no realism what so ever, but I guess a realistic snowboard game would be boring. I've played it on a LAN and it works really fine, no problems connecting or anything like that.

The racing part is kind of fun in single player as well, you computer opponents are really fast and it takes some practise to beat them.

And graphics are good I guess, and so is the handling of your snowboarder. Just don't expect realistic physics.....

The Bad
The Big air competition and quarter/half pipe competitions are so boring I wont even mention them further.

As for the racing, there are 9 different tracks. But there are really only 3, as the lazy developers use the same track for the easy/medium/hard levels, only they put up signs and walls that tell you which way to go for the different levels. Unfortunately, you can end up on a not used track when racing, and then you'll never pass the finish line. This is most annoying in network games, when one player never finishes and the game has to be restarted.

Some of the environments are also quite ridiculous, or how about racing in a railroad tunnel with a train in it, a cave made of ice and on a paved road without snow? Or maybe that fits well with the "We smoke pot, have funny hairdos, snowbard in railroad tunnels and are sooo rebellious" kind of attitude that snowboarders are supposed to have....

And why does the game keep the CD spinning at maximum speed all the time? Even if you shut all music off, it keeps spinning....

The Bottom Line
Snowboarding games in general are quite boring, and this is no exception. Games that are made only to make money on some hype are never any good. But if you get this game cheap and have a network and some friends to play it with, you'll have fun with it.

Windows · by Grov (657) · 2003

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