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Stunts (4D Sports Driving outside of US) is a 3D car racing simulation that puts emphasis on racing on stunt tracks. The game contains a variety of cars, courses and opponents to choose from (who represent a difficulty level). The game provides unusual stunt objects including loops, corkscrews and jumps. Race tracks contain three types of surfaces: paved road, gravel road and ice. Each of them offer different grip and traction. There is also grass and water that surround roads. The former slows down the car and the latter is lethal and the car instantly crashes. It is possible to watch races in instant replay from different camera angles. A track editor is included as well.


  • 4Dドライビング - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 76% (based on 26 ratings)


Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 131 ratings with 12 reviews)

So much fun it's freaky!

The Good
-The unlimated tracks! Design a stunt track, how can you go wrong with that one. -The graphics are good.

The Bad
-Not enough things to place on your track. -Can't make multiple hill elevations.

The Bottom Line
A fun racing game with many cars, unlimited tracks, and a lot of replay value. Pure fun, especially if you have a friend with it, then you can see who can do better on different tracks.

DOS · by MiG Attack (8) · 2000

One of the best early racing sims

The Good
The Track Editor is a definate bonus. One of the first games including one, this was so far ahead of it's time most people didn't even understand how to use it! We're talking 1990 here!

The Bad
The graphics are kind of choppy (not unlike many of today's new and "ground breaking" games) and the whole story line with the other racers and their grudges is kind of cheesy.

The Bottom Line
The game is a worthy buy, but sadly as is many other great games it is no longer for sale. It is a fast paced and realistic racing sim. The best feature is definately the built in editor. The game features many, many seperate soprts cars and opponents to race against. Be careful, though, when you crash you're out, unlike many other games which just flip you back over and aloow you to keep going unharmed.

DOS · by Plix (197) · 1999

Coming from the creators of the "Test Drive" catastrophe: A FABULOUS GAME!!

The Good
OK, so the cars were only 3, but it's just too much fun to play this game, the blowing up cars, the falling bridges, it's just great, and considering that "TD II: The Duel" was released at about the same time, the graphics were a total surprise from the developing companies (Accolade, Distinctive Software), great game.

The Bad
Well, there were like THREE CARS in a game considered almost revolutionary for the time!!!! Nothing else though...

The Bottom Line
Great game that can be considered "fun", it's really nothing except addictive and fun, and the graphics were okay!


DOS · by Jim Fun (207) · 2002

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Okay, try this in real life: Drive real fast down a long, straight road, then do a huge jump, get airborne, and then (while in the air) slam on the brakes to slow down in time to make it around that nasty corner. Is it going to work? Nope, but it works in Stunts! ;-) Of course, this just makes the game more fun! :-)


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