The Sims 2: FreeTime

aka: De Sims 2: Vrije Tijd, Die Sims 2: Freizeit-Spaß, Les Sims 2: Quartier Libre, Los Sims 2 Y Sus Hobbies, The Sims 2: Czas Wolny, The Sims 2: Fritid, The Sims 2: Szabadidő, The Sims 2: Tempo Livre, The Sims 2: Vapaa-aika

Windows credits (2008)

374 people (363 professional roles, 11 thanks) with 401 credits.

Very Special Thanks

Creator of The Sims

The Sims 2™ FreeTime Expansion Pack Team

Senior Producers
Senior Development Director
Lead Producers
Development Directors
Lead Designer
Art Director
Audio Director

Production and Design Team

Development Manager
Associate Development Manager

Engineering Team


Art Team

Lead Animator
Lead Object Modelers
Object Modelers
Lead Character Modelers
Character Modelers
FX Artists
Visual Designer
Concept Art

Audio/Video Team

Audio Lead
Voice Director
Audio Specialist
Audio Asset Specialist
Additional Audio
Voice Actors
Voice Recording Engineers
Voice Editors
Video Editing & Post Production

Development Testing Team

Release Testing

Configuration Management Team

Configuration Management Engineers

The Sims™ Internet Group

Web Manager
Website Production
Website Engineers

External Contributors

External Art Development
  • Nikitova
  • TOSE

Testing Team

Quality Assurance Director
Quality Assurance Manager
Senior Lead Tester
Lead Tester
Assistant Lead Testers
QA Testers
QA Support Manager
QA Compliance Leads
QA Compliance Testers
GATT Testers

EA European Integration Studio Madrid

Producers - European Integration
Integration Engineering
Localization Testing Project Manager
Localization Testing Team Leads
Localization Testing

Asian Localization Team

Localization Project Manager
Localization Coordination
Localization Support - Translation and Testing

CatLab and CQC Teams

Compatibility and Technology Lab
North America Submissions and Compliance
Customer Quality Control

Localization Team

Localization Project Manager
Localization Coordination
Localization Support


Theme Music
Music Mastering

The Sims™ Division

Vice President, Studio Head
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Administrative Support
Technical Support

Marketing & Public Relations Team

Vice President of Marketing
Senior Director of Marketing, North America
Senior Director of European Marketing
Product Manager
Assistant Product Manager
European Marketing Managers
Project Manager
Marketing Artist
Public Relations Team
Package Design
  • Pop Gun Design
Documentation Writing and Editing
Documentation Layout

Studio Operations

VP, WW Studio Ops
Director NA Studio Ops
Project Manager

Customer Service

Customer Support Managers
Customer Support Leads
Special Thanks


Executive Music Producer
Sr. Music Supervisor
Music Licensing Manager

Licensed Music

  • Performed by
  • Datarock
  • Written by
  • Fredrik Saroea
  • and
  • Ketil Mosnes
  • Published by
  • Artwerk Music LLC
  • Recording courtesy of Nettwerk Productions
It's A Party
  • Performed by
  • Fire Flies
  • Written by
  • Dan Romer
  • Published by
  • Drawing Number One Publishing
  • Recording courtesy of Asteroid B-612
Into The Sun
  • Performed by
  • Great Northern
  • Written by
  • Rachel Stolte
  • and
  • Solon Bixler
  • Published by
  • Songs Music Publishing LLC obo Ram Island Songs [ASCAP] and Kill The Piano Music [ASCAP]
  • Recording courtesy of Eenie Meenie Records by arrangement with Big Sounds International Inc.
  • Performed by
  • I'm From Barcelona
  • Written by
  • Emanuel Lundgren
  • Published by
  • EMI Blackwood Music [BMI]
  • Recording courtesy of EMI Records under license from EMI Film & Television Licensing
La Otra Princesa
  • Performed by
  • Lara
  • Written by
  • Massimiliano Minoia
  • and
  • Lara Pinilla Osuna
  • Published by
  • Lara What Songs Pop S.L. and Globomedia Musica Publishing S.L.
  • Recording courtesy of Virgin/EMI Records - Spain and GloboMedia Musica
Your Forgiveness
Pocket Full Of Sunshine
Take Out The Trash
  • Performed by
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Written by
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Published by TMBG Music [BMI]
  • Recording courtesy of Idlewild Recordings
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