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Godzilla: Unleashed is a fighting game featuring 23 of the classic Toho monsters from the past, including some brand new ones and the games namesake as well, Godzilla. Players will fight against each other in eight destructible cities, letting the player destroy everything from skyscrapers to small buildings and pick up power-ups from causing the destruction.

The storyline is different from others, a non-linear one which constantly changes depending upon the decisions the player makes before, during and after battles. The Wii's gameplay uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and can support up to four-players, while the PS2 version only features two player simultaneous play.

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Average score: 41% (based on 47 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings with 2 reviews)

He may be King of the Monsters, but for this game he's nothing but a slimy lizard!

The Good
Well, I have watched Godzilla since I was a little kid, since the first time I've saw him fighting the Sea Monster, since then I have been hooked. I haven't got to play too many games of his, except for the NES version back in the day, so for me this an exciting experience, but that quickly worn off. But before I get to that, lets look at the positives of the game.

Well, they have a hell of a lot of Toho's monsters here, including the big guy himself, Godzilla, including Rodan, Mothra, MechaGodzilla among many many others, so for the chance to fight against all these monsters was pretty cool.

The sounds are incredibly authentic, it is really the monsters roars and rumbles from the movies plus their special attacks are here, including Godzilla's famous fire breath. The environments are incredibly destructive and if you're lucky enough you can knock a monster straight back into a huge skyscrapers, smacking into falling face forwards while the building falls around him. Classic.

The Bad
Well, here is where the game really shines which is very sad. Even though it has the monsters and sounds and destructible environments, the problems are so bad it destroys it. One of which is the hectic controls, they are so unresponsive, trying to jump seems like a chore, including hitting, kicking and using special attacks sucks since you have to basically stand still and fully charge up to use it effectively, making you a perfect target in a 3-way fight.

Plus, the story, even though it is technically non-linear, isn't. How can that be? Well, here is the gimmick of the game, there are three basic factions, The Guardian Monsters, The Alien Race, The Defense Force and The Mutants and attacking or helping these different factions during a fight will effect a percentage bar. Now you think this will effect the story...wrong, it is still the same story, unless you lose, then of course it's different, but the problem is if you win with a different monster each time, of course the game will recognize that monster and have the same ending regardless.

The story doesn't make a lick of sense, trying to follow it made my head hurt, plus it's not even told in CGI, it's done in drawings. It's almost like this was concept art and instead of putting the extra effort into it, they just threw this in to save time and money. Very very crappy in my opinion.

Now, here is the main problem of the game, major slowdown. There are times where the monsters just seem like there moving at a sluggish pace. At first I thought it was designed like that since in the movies you always saw them duke it out in a slower pace. But no, the reason for the slowdown, there is so much crap going on and the game can't process it right and it is slowing down majorly, which is sad because a previous monster game, War of the Monsters had the same kind of set up, but it moved at a blistering pace, just proving that this game was poorly programmed.

To make matters worse, the game doesn't give you help on who is your allies at times. During some missions you are given the option to help out fellow allies in destroying your enemies, but half the time you can't figure out who they are and it doesn't help since there is no targeting, it's just random so it's hard to figure out who is who at times.

To make matters worse, there is no camera adjustment, so at times you can't see all that is going on as the game controls it, moving wildly at times and with the hectic action and slow pace gives you a bad headache. Also, there are freeze-ups, bad freeze-ups and there is actually broken music loops. Yes, broken music-loops, I actually thought you couldn't find that today in modern games, but this game has it bad.

The Bottom Line
My final word, SKIP THIS CRAP. I rented this and beaten it in a hour, yes one hour, that's all I needed. Truthfully, this is a sad sack of a game, with all the problems it truly makes it unplayable, a true god-awful creation of a game. But the thing that really gives me the red ass, that Toho and Atari threw this damned thing on the market and some poor Godzilla fan bought it and was so disappointed that they were turned off of the thought of Godzilla.

This proves the point of why games aren't returned nowadays, not because of piracy issues, but because if fans could return games that sucked so bad and get there money back, that video game companies would go out of business fast and let me tell you what, this game would destroy Atari, hell you think they would have learned from E.T.

Even if your a big Godzilla freak, this game shouldn't be on your list, it's that bad, to me its like the old Godzilla movie, Godzilla's Revenge. In case you're reading this and don't know much about it, it is considered the worse of all his movies, made no sense and was so cheap that it used footage from two previous movies of Godzilla fighting different monsters and threw them into the movie and tried to pass them off as new fights. To me this game is exactly that movie: cheap, crappy and a waste of time.

I'm actually going to return this game to the video rental store after one day of playing and hope that I can at least be able to rent another game. So if you've looked around and have thought of this game, your best bet is to forget it and go rent the original Godzilla (or Gojira) DVD, it is a better deal than this piece of plastic trash.

PlayStation 2 · by Big John WV (26954) · 2008

A very amazing Godzilla Game

The Good
Characters: this game included almost all of the Godzilla monsters from every series, plus 2 new ones.

Levels and special things in levels:all the levels,except for the Mother-Ship and Monster Island, are major cities like New York, Tokyo, and many more. And whoever is fighting better, the army will try to attack.

Abilities: the fighting moves are awesome! And there are crystals that will appear and if u break enough you go into CRITICAL MASS! Critical mass makes your character huge and powerful, but vulnerable.

The Bad
Nothing is that wrong. Could've had a few more monsters though, but there are a lot already.

The Bottom Line
definitely a good game for Godzilla fans alike!

Wii · by brandon palonis (2) · 2008


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