Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick

aka: Duckman: Ente süß-sauer, Duckman: The Legend of the Fall
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Something Fowl is Screwing With Duckman

The ace detective is now an out-of-luck duck. Duckman, famed private dick and wise-cracking hero, has just discovered his show is gone and so is his family. What fowl work is this? Scour the seamy underbelly of a city that doesn't care, in more than 80 different scenes in 40 locations. Explore a zany, anything-can-happen world filled with humorous creatures, deadly traps and more than 10,000 frames of animation.

*The jokes and bullets keep flying as Duckman runs amok with Cornfed, Bernice, Ajax, and the whole cast of wacky characters.

Voices from original cast members including Tim Curry, Nancy Travis, Dweezil Zappa and Gregg Baker.

35 Fully interactive characters waiting to clue you in or take you down.

Solve killer puzzles (emphasis on kill), face deadly traps (emphasis on dead), in this comic send-up of detective stories and all-American family values.*


Playmates Interactive Entertainment 1997 Spring Catalog



Duckman, private dick and family man, is once again down on his luck, having lost both his show and his family. Help guide our favorite duck-detective through this off-beat, zany adventure in order to get his life back!

  • Interact with characters from the popular syndicated television show like Cornfed, Bernice, Ajax, Charles and Mambo, and King Chicken.

  • featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Nancy Travis, Dweezil Zappa, and Gregg Berger.

  • More than 10,000 frames of awesome hand drawn animation.

Solve puzzles, avoid traps, and explore over 40 locations and 80 different scenes.

Product Information Number 273


PC Gamer magazine Vol 4. No. 7 - July 1997, p.77

Contributed by Mullet of Death, Pseudo_Intellectual.

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