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The rapping pup, PaRappa, dreams of impressing his friend, the beautiful Sunny Funny, and going out on a date with her. But what he lacks is confidence - help PaRappa rap his way through learning Kung Fu, a driving test, cooking and more, all in order to get the girl. And remember - You Gotta Believe!

PaRappa the Rapper is a game based on lyrics, music and rhythm. The game itself is very basic - each stage has a 'teacher', that PaRappa must follow. You'll see the teacher say some lyrics, and then PaRappa must copy the teacher by pressing the appropriate buttons to repeat those lyrics back. Rap well, and you'll be able to continue; fudge up the lyrics, and the music will start to distort and the teacher will become displeased. Continue to mess up and you'll fail the stage.

Of course, the goal is not to copy the teacher, but instead to outperform them - you can do this by improvising in the song's gaps. Listen to how the song goes, and improvise in time to the music; if you perform well enough, the teacher will step aside, leaving you to freestyle on your own!

The PSP version of the game is a remake of the PlayStation original. However, it includes a few upgrades, such as a 16:9 display, sharper graphics, game sharing, multiplayer support of up to four players, and the addition of song remixes, which can be downloaded via the internet onto your Memory Stick Duo.


  • パラッパラッパー - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 71% (based on 52 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 50 ratings with 3 reviews)

A fun, charming game, but too short!

The Good
PaRappa the Rapper is unique. It is extremely fun, the songs are incredibly catchy and its just a great experience. While it is very simple and basic, it is still fun to play and can provide lots of enjoyment. The art is great too, as the style really works and stands out.

The Bad
IT'S. TOO. DAMN. SHORT. Seriously. And that's my only problem with the game. You can complete the main story in well under an hour if you don't fail any of the songs too many times. Of course there is a small bit of replay value to get a "cool" rating on every stage, but no matter how awesome a song is, it still gets boring after 20 times.

The Bottom Line
PaRappa the Rapper is truly a fun game. However, it isn't really worth buying, unless you can find it for an extremely cheap price or have money to burn. Just try and lend it of a friend and you'll probably get the full experience. Nevertheless, it still is a classic and still fun.

PlayStation · by colm52 (107) · 2010

(Jamaican Accent) "So, you wanna learn to rap, man?"

The Good
Hehehe. You just can't help but smile when you play this little beautie. PaRappa The Rapper is a work of genius probably just based on the fact that they made great lyrics - that and the fact that this someone actually came up with the insane idea to create a "karaoke" kind of game to the playstaton console.

Not that I would even go near anything that remotely resembles "karaoke", but this game is trully one of a kind.

The game concept is simple enough, know what and when to press. Timing is everything...even a deaf guy could play this game...although that's missing the whole point of the game. Each level has a "masta rappa" that teaches you the basics. After each lyric, you mimic the same lines by pressing the mentioned buttons. To fast or to slow means you failed. One needs to be one with "Da Rhythm" to play this game.

The graphics are quite...odd. In a good way, everyone is basically a moving "paper character"...which makes it a cool but odd looking cartoon kinda game.

It's amazing to thing that this game has better lyrics that most of those low-life rap songs in the streets today...

The Bad
Other than the fact that sometimes my brain has trouble communicating with my ears and my fingers at the same time, the bad stuff are entirely on my part...hehe

The Bottom Line
Against my better judgement, I would totally recommend this game...(it's better to have an audience while playing)

PlayStation · by Indra was here (20752) · 2004

Hilarious, quirky, unique, and irresistible! Ya gotta believe!

The Good
Oh man! Where to begin??

Ok, let's start from the top. I love PaRappa The Rapper. One of favorite PSX games ever, PaRappa has one thing that's very hard to find in many modern games: a fresh concept. And on a system that REALLY needed fresh concepts, too! It's such a simple concept: even though it borrows from games like Simon and Touch Me (both very old music games dating back to the 70s), it works very well still.

The story is very cute and fun. PaRappa, a young rappin' puppy, wants to win the love of his sweetheart, Sunny Funny, who's a bright-eyed, cheerful sunflower. But, he feels a little nervous about asking her out. So he's gonna win her love by...what else?...becoming a star rapper! And he also has one other weapon: he believes in himself and believes that he can achieve his goal. So now it's up to you to help PaRappa rap and dance his way into Sunny's heart before local rich pretty boy Joe Chin does!

Here's the whole gameplay premise: In each stage is a rap master, who will sing a line, while at the top of the screen is a rythmn bar with a sliding icon of the master's head passing over symbols that relate to the buttons on your PSX pad. For instance, the first master, Chop Chop Master Onion, might rap "Kick..punch..chop..". When he finishes, you, as PaRappa, must match his rap by pressing the buttons on the bar as PaRappa's icon passes over them, in both the right order and with the same beat as the master. The better the do, the better you score. The worse you do, the worse your rank gets. If you can't pass a stage with at least a "Good" rating, you do it all over again. Simple, no?

Now, seeing as this is a game about music and a budding rapper, how's the music? One word: AWESOME!!! The songs are excellent, the music is catchy and makes you want to dance to the beat, and the lyrics will stick to your tongue for days! Hell, you might even catch yourself singing the "Toilet Rap" (Stage 5) while in line to use the bathroom in a public place! In-game sound effects are rather minimal, as most sounds are blended into the music, but what's there is very well fitting.

The graphics are something else. The art style is really cute and perfect for the world. Everyone moves, animates, and flips around like living Coloforms, and everything is nice and bright, with a cool little hand drawn look in-game, with slightly rough edges with give the game a further sensation of surrealness, as when you look at these flat 2D "cutouts" moving about with the rough edges, it almost looks like the characters just lifted themselves off the artist's paper and began to move around! It's just too cool!

The Bad
The game only has 6 stages. I was left wanting more, but at least you have a couple of hidden mini stages to play through if you can unlock them. (Hint: get "cool" ratings on all 6 stages.)

The Bottom Line
PaRappa is just plain out fun and addicting. It's a great game for girlfriends who hate video games, little kids, and generally any music lover. And I honestly feel PaRappa should be Sony's mascot, not Crash Bandicoot. He's got the attitude, determination, and true heroic heart to make his way though hardships, and he's a hell of a rapper to boot! Overall, I really recommend this game. It's a bit hard to find (it didn't sell to well in the U.S.), but if you do find it, grab it immediately. Ya just gotta believe!

PlayStation · by Satoshi Kunsai (2020) · 2001


1001 Video Games

The PS1 version of PaRappa the Rapper appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Japanese TV Ads

In the Japanese PlayStation TV ads, PaRappa shared a house with Crash Bandicoot with hilarious consequences.


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