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Tribes 2 is the sequel to Starsiege: Tribes. Like its predecessor, it is a team-based first-person-shooter designed primarily for online multiplay. While getting kills certainly helps, the player must also achieve the various objectives specified in the scenario, ranging from attack-and-hold objective, to assaults on enemy fortresses, taking enemy flags, and more. Each member must weigh the trade-off between firepower and protection, as well how much ammo to carry. Tribes 2 adds vehicles to the mix, as well as a new race, and larger maps.

Weapons vary from the sniper laser rifle to chain guns to grenade launchers to the massive mortar. Tribes 2 adds three brand new weapons, including melee shock lance, missile launcher (used against the new air vehicles), and ELF gun (drains energy from target).

The game supports multiplayer over Sierra's WON.NET, which was also used for the multiplayer part of Half-Life.


  • 部落2 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 82% (based on 35 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings with 3 reviews)

Buy this now, or you will regret it!

The Good
Oh my god! The graphics are splendid, the action is cool, the weapons are supreme, the variety of items is unmatched, the turret control option is cool, the waypoint selector is cool, the predefined inventory screen is easy to use, and it is accesible by anybody! Also, the veichles are, well, (insert best adjective you can think of here)! Also, you can see yourself if you look down.

The Bad
Well...the veichles seem more heavy than in Tribes, the environments are shady. Also, the action is too furious. Some graphics difficulties, also. Too many controls. Too many options. Too hard for newbies.

The Bottom Line
All the difficulties aside, this game is supreme! If you don't buy it, you will be a very sad person, indeed.

Windows · by Archagon (108) · 2001

Well, I was wrong. This game tops Tribes 1 in every way possible!

The Good
Some time ago, I did a MobyGames review for Tribes. In my closing part of the review, I said that Tribes 1 was better than Tribes 2, but after spending some time with this game, I can now say that it improves on the original in every way possible.

Gameplay: Tribes 2 is similar in gameplay mechanics to the original. The game mostly revolves around capture the flag. With guns, bases, vehicles, jetpacks, and most important of all, teamwork. Like it's predecessor, you have to rely on teamwork in order to win, but it is implemented in such a way that it doesn't even feel like teamwork. But every game you'll have to worry about your flag, the condition of your base, and enemy advances. Gameplay has received some minor touch ups, all for the better. For one, the vehicles included in the game have received a major overhaul, and they are a lot more useful this time around. Let me tell you, there is no greater gaming moment than flying over the enemy base in a bomber, and carpet bombing it to kingdom come! The voice chat menu has been improved dramatically, allowing for taunts, quick messages, and compliments. The new weapons, especially the melee weapon (the shocklance) are fun to use and the older weapons receive some new looks and improvements. On the community front, there are many new option allowing for greater communication between players. For example, you can create a small warrior page for yourself, so others can find out more about you or your clan. For offline players, you can finally play against bots, which can give you quite a run for your money at higher difficulty levels. The training missions are much more improved as well.

Graphics: While some people scoff that Tribes 2's graphics are are not that much improved from the original, I have to disagree immensely. Tribes 2 features some of the best graphics I've ever seen in a game. The terrain is more rugged and colorful, and items such as trees, lakes, and shrubs populate some of the more friendlier stages, while scarred, dead, land make up some of the more deadlier environment. Water is now a possibility, and it it introduces more of a strategic element since you can fight under water (Things are further complicated since movement underwater is hindered and some weapons refuse to work), retreat to and hide in it too. Lava also presents a danger. And these levels stretch out for hundreds of kilometers in each direction. Weather effects are very convincing with rain, storms (With striking lightning effects), and snow. Tribal warriors look great, with huge hulking juggernauts to small nimble light armors. Damage effects are very well shown, on both warriors and vehicles (smoke and flames included for vehicles!). Bases are very well constructed and good looking too, right down to the eerie floodlights that switch on when a generator is knocked out.

Sound: The sound has improved too. The voices used in the voice chat are well done and are much improved over the original. Weapons, and vehicles sound better too. Even the ambient sounds of animals in the environments are pleasing to hear. But sadly, the music hasn't improved much.

The Bad
There isn't much to dislike about this game. Music is still bad, but you can still turn it off (Actually, it best if you turn it off, since audio cues can warn you of approaching dangers!). While the voice chat list has improved, it is still a bit sloppy. In some cases requiring up to four keystrokes to select a message. Luckily, there is a chat editor that allows you to edit lists, making things easier. Unfortunately, you can't create your own taunts with this editor, so you will have to find some sort of script online. The bots are much more improved, but cannot pilot vehicles, so there are many maps you will not be able to play with bots enabled. With all online games, laggers, cheaters, and sore losers are somewhat common, but the user voting system is still there, allowing you to kick the person if everyone dislikes them enough.

The Bottom Line
Tribes 2 is a worthy followup to a great game, and the most enjoyable online game I've played since...well...Tribes. Some Tribes vets may argue that Tribes 1 is better, but give Tribes 2 a may be surprised.

Windows · by JL3001 (17) · 2002

The perfect MMPOG for those who have an offline life.

The Good
First and foremost, I like the fact that you buy the game, and it's free to play. Unlike most other MMPOG's that charge a monthly access fee, once you pay only 50 bucks for Tribes 2 and that's it. No access fee.

I also love the fact that you don't have to commit hundreds of hours to the game. Since it's a combat only game, everyone is given the same pool of weapons/equipment to wage their battles. This means you can play for as little, or as much as you like without penalty allowing those of us with limited free time to have a gurenteed fun experience.

Don't take this to mean the game isn't deep. There's so much to do and learn in T2, it would take years to master everything. Will you focus on becoming a sniper, a pilot, a defender? Will you master the art of strategic equipment deployment, or become a tactical officer and command troops? Each time you play can be a fresh experience.

The graphics are, in a word, stellar. While not as detailed as some current single player games, they're honestly the best I've seen in any MMPOG. The sound is excellent, from the sounds of mortars exploding in the distance to the snow crunching under your feet, it all sounds amazingly lifelike and the attention to detail is outstanding.

The gameplay in T2 is also excellent. Unlike most FPS games where you're limited to running around on the ground, each player in T2 has a jetpack that allows limited flying. This means that instead of looking out behind you, you have to watch above, below, behind, and all around you for enemies. It might not sound like a huge deal, but it makes a great amount of difference to how you play. Control is standard FPS fare, with a mouse/keyboard combo.

Also, there's the fact that it's just just one big deathmatch (although DM is available). There's tons of gametypes, from Capture the Flag to Siege. Most require you to work with your teammates to effectivly put up a fight, and this is a huge selling point for me. I love teamplay.

The Bad
Well, I didn't like the fact that I had to upgrade my video card to play. ;) This game has STEEP requirements for smooth play, so if you don't have at least a mid range system you might want to move along.

Also I didn't like the fact that the game had to go through 6 patches to work properly. Not an issue if you're buying the game now, as you'll only have to patch once, but it was an issue for me since I bought the game when it came out. ;)

The Bottom Line
Wow. This one's tough.

First, it's massivley multiplayer. You can expect to be playing with upwards of 20 players at a time. This means no stupid AI to contend with, only stupid people. ;)

As for genre.. well, it's a FPS first and foremost. You run around with guns killing people. This in iteself is fun.. but wait.. there's more.

It's also a vehicle sim, as you can use vehicles in your battles. From bombers, to tanks, to hoverbikes, it's all there. You can even be in specific positions within vehicles, such as gunner, tailgunner, and pilot.

And.. if you act now.. we'll throw in a little RTS action into the mix. From the command screen you can watch your troops, issue orders, and lay waypoints for your team.

All this aside, I'd mostly describe this game as one you have to buy. Right this second. 200,000 players can't be wrong.

Windows · by J H (3) · 2001


1001 Video Games

Tribes 2 appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Free download

As a promotional tool for the upcoming Tribes: Vengeance, both Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2 have been released for free download at by Vivendi Universal. The download page for Tribes 2 is here.

Server shutdown

The official Sierra game servers were shut down on 1st November 2008.

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