Links 386 Pro

aka: Golf Links 386 Pro, Links Pro Macintosh
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DOS credits (1992)

21 people (16 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 27 credits.

Links 386 Design Team

Designed by Vance Cook, Kevin Homer, Roger Carver
Programmed by Vance Cook, Kevin Homer, Roger Carver
VESA Utility and File Converter by Brian Stringham
Install Utility by Bruce Johnson
Graphics and Animation by Bruce Carver, David F. Brown
Sound Library by Jon Clark
Documentation by Aaron Conners, James H. Fedor, Steve Johnson

Championship Course Design Team

Acquisition and Photography by Zeke McCabe
Video Tape and Topographical Layout by John Berven
Detailing by John Berven, Mark McArthur, Steven Barnes, Mark Carver
Graphics by Bruce Carver
Object Placement by John Berven
Special Thanks to Mike Bicker (golf swing animation), Claudia Nielsen (golf swing animation), Harbour Town Golf Links, Jeff Roberts (technical help), All our Beta Testers
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