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Power Chess 2.0

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Power Chess 2.0 is a chess game and sequel to Power Chess. It allows you to play chess against your computer or against human opponents over the Internet. The AI is highly customizable to offer a challenge for all players no matter which skill they posses. The game comes with multiple AI personalities to play against, one of them is programmed to improve in skill at the same rate as the player. It is also possible to create your own personalities to play against. Some of the included personalities mimic the styles of famous chess players Gary Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Judit Polgar and Anatoly Karpov.

The game is played with the mouse in a typical Windows environment. For the viewpoint there can be chosen between top-down with iconic display of the pieces or 3D from the player's viewpoint. Included games that can be viewed include the legendary game between Kasparov and computer AI Deep Blue in 1996.

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