Driving Emotion Type-S

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Square doing a racing game. What could go wrong?

The Good
The set of cars offered, although small, is nice. It has both Japanese, European, and American car makers. The circuits do remind to the Gran Turismo saga and the game is, in its very own way, realistic. However, this ends up becoming the main problem of the game. Why? Because with the intention of making a realistic game, Squaresoft actually did a game that takes too much time to master. And as Kimi Räikkonen said, if you play some games in "Expert" mode, they may end up being more difficult than driving an actual car. Because unlike in real cars, you do not have available for us everything you will have in a real car.

The Bad
The controls can be a nightmare, it is like if the developers bought a copy of Ridge Racer and then tried to add a realistic handling to a car doing powerslides all around a urban circuit. And you cannot mix those two things. The experience is, however, better, if you do not use the analog sticks but use instead the arrows. The control then is smoother.

Having to finish first if you want to progress. Never saw that in a game.

The Bottom Line
Good intentions, but a slightly disappointing result of the final product. A game which was launched in the last months of the waiting period for Gran Turismo 3, and inspired by that game.

PlayStation 2 · by Carles Carlos (23) · 2022

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