Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky

aka: Bring Down the Sky, Kollisionskurs, Turbulences à 900 000 pieds
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Windows credits (2008)

147 people (139 professional roles, 8 thanks)

Development Team

Lead Designer Dusty Everman
Art Director Derek Watts
Lead Technical Animator Ben Hindle
Lead Character Artist Mike Spalding
Character Artist Jaemus Wurzbach
Lead Level Artists Michael Trottier, Neil Valeriano
Level Artists Don Arceta, Kally Chow, Noel Lukasewich, Marcel Silva
Lead Technical Artist Adrien Cho
Visual Effects Artist Trevor Gilday
GUI Artist Nelson Housden
Audio Designers Matthew Besler, Vance Dylan
Cinematic Director Parrish Ley
Lead Cinematic Designer Paul Marino
Cinematic Designer Nathan Moller
Technical Designers Keith Hayward, Christina Norman
Lead Writer Drew Karpyshyn
Writers Christopher L'Etoile, Mac Walters
Project Manager Corey Andruko
Assistant Producer Nathan Plewes
Programmers Brenon Holmes, Robert Krajcarski, Don Moar, Shawn Potter, Craig Welburn
Tools Programmers Blake Grant, Carson Knittig, Stefan Lednicky, Christopher Mihalick
Associate Technical Audio Producer Marwan Audeh
Quality Assurance Lead Homan Sanaie
Quality Assurance Analyst Billy Buskell
Quality Assurance Term Testers Reid Buckmaster, Darren Gilday
Additional Quality Assurance Kim Hansen, Scott Langevin
Localization Producer Jenny McKearney
Assistant Localization Producer Ryan Warden
Localization Tools Programmer Chris Christou
Voice Over Production and Direction Caroline Livingstone
Assistant Voice Over Producer Melanie Fleming
Additional Production Moye Daniel
Composer Sam Hulick
Voice Over Direction Chris Borders, Ginny McSwain
Casting Services Tikiman Productions Inc.
Voice Over Recorded at Technicolor Interactive Services - Burbank, Blackman Productions - Edmonton

Mass Effect Cast

Simon Atwell, Additional Voices Brian Bloom
Female Computer, Additional Voices Belinda Cornish
Commander Shepard (Female ), Additional Voices Jennifer Hale
Commander Shepard (Male) Mark Meer
Charn, Additional Voices Jason Singer
Balak Fred Tatasciore
Kate Bowman Audrey Wasilewski

Bioware Marketing

Marketing Manager Jarrett Lee
Special Thanks Casey Hudson, Raymond Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, Cookie Everman, David Falkner, Yanick Roy, Preston Watamaniuk, The Mass Effect Team

Microsoft Games Studios Core Team

Dev Leads Russell Almond, Relja Markovic, Shane White
Test Leads Daland Davis, Tim Duzmal
UX Lead / Writer John Sutherland
Editor Melanie Henry
Localization PM Lief Thompson
Business Development Trevor Laupmanis, Bill Wagner
Global Product Manager Guy Welch
Additional Design Greg Hertager
Core Test Team Alex Emmet, Carolyn Gold, Christopher Liu II, Jeffrey Kafer, Matthew Shimabuku, Michael McCormack, Sarah Stewart
Reserves Test Team Craig Marshall, Mark McAllister
Reserves Testers Brandt Massman (Volt), Brian T. McGee (Excell Data), Brian Noonan (Excell Data), Bryce Pinkston (Volt), Cahlen Lee (Volt), David Locke (Volt), Devin Prutsman (Volt), Jared Barnhill (Excell Data), John Thomas (Volt), Lenny Lim (Volt), Mark Neiderer (Volt), Matthew Antonellis (Excell Data), Matt Wolff (Excell Data), Michael Durkin (Volt), Robert Colling (Volt), Scott Shields (Volt)

Microsoft Ireland Team

Program Manager John Lindley Byrne
Lead Tester Alan Davis
Engineer Jean-Phillippe Chassagne
Audio Lead Steve Belton, Terry McManus (CPL Solutions)

Keywords International Ltd.

Testing Manager Paul Vigneron
Team Lead Nicolas Hermant
Keywords German Team Martin Graf
Keywords French Team Jérôme Terroir
Keywords Italian Team Bruno Besutti
Keywords Polish Team Tomasz Krupa
Keywords Spanish Team Aurora Cano Ubiña

International Loc. Audio VO Prod., ExeQuo, Paris

Senior Project Manager Guillaume Capitan

French Loc. Audio VO Prod., ExeQuo, Paris / Triom Production

Lead Translator Philippe Colin
Artistic Director Luis De Oliveira
Audio Engineers Alexandre Gombert, Guillaume Ozouf

Italian Loc. Audio VO Prod., Synthesis International srl

Lead Project Manager Emanuele Scichilone
Assistant Project Manager Marco Auletta
Translators Davide Solbiati, Paolo Celso
Quality Assurance Analysts Francesca Cecca, Ambra Ravaglia
Audio Director Maria-Claudia Rampiconi
Audio Engineers Adriano Dezulian, Matteo Ormellese, Manuel Auletta

Spanish Loc. Audio VO Prod., Synthesis Iberia sl

Project Manager Gustavo Díaz
Translators Javier Sevilla
Quality Assurance Analysts Juan Pablo Vieyra Rodríguez

German Loc. Audio VO Prod., DAS TEAM / locaTRANS

Project Manager Antje Hink
Translators French Loc. Audio VO Prod. / ExeQuo Paris / Triom Production
Audio Director Cornelia Bitsch
Audio Engineers Matthias Schulz, Gerald Arend

Polish Loc. Audio VO Prod., CDProjekt Localisation Centre

Project Manager Mariusz Szlanta
Assistant Project Manager Blazej Jóywik
Translators Bartosz Lewandowski
Quality Assurance Analysts Anakan

Microsoft Legal / Business Development

Attorney Donald McGowan
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