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Return to Oz


Based on the overlooked but dark in tone 1985 Walt Disney movie Return To Oz which was a non-musical sequel to The Wizard Of Oz, this combined story elements from L. Frank Baum's novels Ozma Of Oz and The Marvelous Land Of Oz. The game plot follows the movie pretty closely. After returning to Kansas, no one believes Dorothy's story. When she can't sleep, Auntie Em seeks help from a doctor who wants to give her scary tests in an insane asylum. Dorothy escapes and finds herself back in the Land of Oz where she learns the Nome King has taken over and has destroyed the Emerald City and the Yellow Brick Road. Your new companion is Billina the chicken who in Oz can talk. You will meet a scarecrow named Jack Pumpkinhead, and a robot named Tik-Tok, among others. Dorothy must stop the Nome King and the witch Mombi who wants Dorothy's head for her collection, and restore Princess Ozma to the throne.

There is a command line at bottom of screen with the following options: Look, Talk, Search, Get, List, and Leave. List shows you all the items you are carrying and shows you a sub-menu to Drop or Use an item. The top of the screen offers a text description of the graphics scene shown. As the game is intended for kids, when you select a command that is allowed on a particular screen, the person or objects on screen will flash to show what can be done and where. Hitting the space bar moves the cursor to the next available option available.

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