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Tokyo, the 21st century. The internet has grown to be an enormously important part of life, and a digital world called "Cyberland" has come into existence. This digital world is divided into eight levels, with more important and confidential information being granted higher levels of priority, with the highest levels being inaccessible to anyone other than those with the highest government security clearance.

A young junior-high student named Alice Minazuki is the daughter of one of the developers of this system. He left her with a very special "dive system," which allows the user to enter the deepest parts of Cyberland. Together with her friends Rena Ohtori and Juri Yagami, they are ALICE-3, a team tasked with maintaining peace and order in Cyberland.

Alice in Cyberland is a traditional Japanese-style adventure game divided into chapters. Each chapter begins with Alice and her friends in Tokyo, and you can move about the city talking to people to find out more about what's happening. Eventually, she'll need to "dive" into Cyberland, which is also represented by a city. Your team will be able to move around, investigating different systems and looking for information, and eventually running into enemy "guard programs" which must be fought. The battle system is simple, allowing for either attack, defense, and character change. Defeating a guard system will continue the story.

While exploring Tokyo, you can also visit an arcade and play a game, or go to a Karaoke club and watch the girls sing. The game's scenario was written by Chiaki Konaka, better known for his work on serial experiments lain, The Big O, and Ultraman.


  • ありす イン サイバーランド - Japanese spelling

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Alice Minazuki (水無月ありす)
Reina Ōtori (鳳麗奈)
Juri Yagami (八神樹莉)
Lucia (ルシア)
Saki Takakura (高倉沙貴)
Kumiko Satō (佐藤久美子)
Mai Ōtani (大谷 舞)
Yuka Imai (今井由香)
Yūko Katō (加藤優子)
Yōko Nikaidō (二階堂陽子)
Makoto Kisaragi (如月真琴)
Teacher Alicia (アリシア先生)
Eiji Omata (小俣英治)
Run Guwan (ルン・グワン)
Torquemada (トルケマダ)
Sera (セラ)
Zone (ゾーン)
Queen (女王)
Old Man Ishibashi (石橋老人)
Alice's Father (ありす父)
Scoutman (スカウトマン)
Akio (アキオ)
Tetsuya Kawada (河田哲也)
Male Student (男子生徒)
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