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Slingo Quest

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Slingo Quest is a progression of Slingo games; Slingo is a combination of slot machines and Bingo. The player is presented with a Bingo-style card (usually 5x5 squares) and is given a certain number of spins. Each spin triggers 5 wheels to spin, one corresponding to each column. The player then marks off squares on the card if they contain numbers from the spin. Jokers can also show up during spins which allow the player to mark off any square from the column.

Players can get extra points for various feats, such as clearing the entire card. Different cards have different Slingo patterns highlighted in red that are worth extra points if the player marks every square. Sometimes, slots can produce devils that take a percentage of the player's accumulated treasure (though the treasure might be safe if the player has demon protection).

Further, there are bonus rounds to be played against a pirate where a lot of treasure is at stake. The player and the pirate take turns spinning on the same board. Occasionally, a treasure chest pops up which may contain treasure or it may confiscate treasure. The player that discovers the chest has right of first refusal-- they can choose to open it or make the other player open it.

Other rounds present the player with a 7x7 game board, instead of a 5x5 board. Some rounds have 2, 3, or 4 5x5 boards that are played concurrently.

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