Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

aka: Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection - Games So Engaging the Challenge Is to Stop, Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection - Le plus dur est de s'arrêter !, Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection - Spiele, die Sie begeistern werden!
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Great collection of little but original and challenging puzzles

The Good
The strong point here is originality. Each and every game is a fresh take on the puzzle genre, and they are not only very original for the most part, they are also fun and challenging.

One good thing is that the games not only test wits and foreplanning or strategy, but also speed and reflexes. You can't sit there planning your next move, or you'll be dead. And while the puzzles are challenging, the learning curve is, for most games, quite nice.

The graphics are somewhat simple but they are cute and detailed, and quite colorful. The music is nice even for being just MIDI tunes.

Each game has a highscore system and you can start at level up to 20 instead of having to run from the boring, slow first levels.

The Bad
In modern, high resolution screens, the graphics are diminute, but I'm guessing it's a side effect of being made when 800x600 was still a good resolution.

A few of the games have a quite steep learning curve, and some also require special abilities like spatial reasoning which might not be everyone's skill.

The MIDI tunes can be repetitive after a while, but at least they can be disabled.

A few of the games can become repetitive once mastered, and you're only defeated because you can't just play that fast.

The Bottom Line
A great collection of simple but deep puzzle games, where originality abounds and simplicity is deceiving. Anyone who learns to play any of them can spent hours and hours before noticing.

And some of these ten games can become very addictive once you learn how to play properly. Gameplay at its finest, with countless hours of fun and frustration at the same time.

Windows · by JMM (352) · 2017

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