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Dung Beetles

aka: Magneto Bugs, Mega-Bug, Tumble Bugs

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Sneak through unique maze after maze gobbling white dots while being hunted by the Mega-Bugs. Their job is made easier because The Mouth you pilot leaves behind a trail of colored dots which they will follow relentlessly the moment they come upon it. This makes the maze's dead-ends truly treacherous. Your job is made harder by the size of the maze (20x20), which requires a magnifier over your location to show the action, effectively creating a blind spot at a radius of three dots around you. To succeed, you must watch not only where you're going, but scan each randomly generated maze to plan your route and avoid the Mega-Bugs. If you do succeed, you're rewarded with a new maze and an additional Mega-Bug hunting you. If you fail, the bugs dance gleefully and shout, "we gotcha!"

This ROM cartridge game was clearly inspired, but not limited, by Pac-Man.

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