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Street Rod

aka: SR


The year is 1963 and you're one of the hotshots aspiring to be king of the county. You're given a small sum of money to buy your first car. Tune it for maximum performance and off you go. In the diner where other hotshots are waiting to take your prized possession, you race for money and pink slips and if you win, you get to take home their cars!

The game's interface is relatively easy and fun to use. You have your own garage as the interface itself. Options are in the form of the garage's elements such as the clock for the game's main menu and the newspaper as your source for buying cars and parts. Add to that a third person with an attitude that talks to you as you play It's really a neat idea by which up to now, no other racing games have that style. You feel that you're living in a virtual world as opposed to just going from menu to menu. Another realistic part is the ability for you to sell your car and haggle.

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Credits (DOS version)

14 People

Program by
Computography by
Sounds by
Manual written by
Development and Programming by
  • P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group
Original Concept Developed by
  • Magic Partners



Version differences

The game was published on three different platforms and there are some game elements that are also different on each of them. * Commodore 64 version does not contain "cruising cutscene" when the player drives to the restaurant to look for some opponents, to the gas station or back to the garage * Each version has a different way of presentation of the engine tuning. The simplest one is in the Amiga version with just an orange bar which the player slides left or right on the green slider in order to place it where the marker is. Commodore 64 version has a visible engine part and a white small bar that has to be slid down or up to the middle position. DOS version presents a part consisting some kind of a belt that is attached to the engine and the player adjusts up or down a white bar in order to place it aside to the red marker which is in a random place.


On 14th of January 1993 the game became freely available from the website of its current copyrights holder.

Street Rod 3

"Street Rod 3" is an unfinished, unofficial sequel to the series. Its aim is to recreate "Street Rod 2" in a full 3D graphics. The game is being developed for Windows and Linux with its current alpha version available for download.

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