Street Rod 2: The Next Generation

aka: SR2, Street Rod II
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The main premise of "Street Rod 2" stayed the same as in the prequel. You buy cars, repair and customise them and finally race with the opponents. Your ultimate goal is to beat the existing king on three courses that if you do you get to regain your long lost crown and take home his girl, again. Time line has changed and the story takes place six years later. It means that there are different vehicles to choose from.

The interface is thankfully the same. There are some improvements concerning the way the cars can be maintained. Next to the transmission, tyres and engine with its manifold and carburetors, the player can mingle with differentials and exhaust system (including mufflers). The chassis can also be altered (as in the prequel) but additionally bumpers also can be changed. Unfortunately the stickers can no longer be placed on the car. There are 3 venues to race. Next to well known from the first part drag race and road race (called Mulholland Drive), there is also an aqueduct race with obstacles on the road that the player has to overtake along with being careful not to flip the car over on the sloped aqueduct walls. There is also one more addition - every Wednesday night the player can compete in a drag race competition called "Grudge Night" where the player is required to set a "breakout time" after which the player must defeat all opponents without running faster than their breakout time. There are also more possibilities to car crash that can result from hitting rocks, drains, barriers and bridge supports at any speed or from passing through roadworks at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour. The system of betting money or pink slips stayed intact. Gameplay is pretty much the same however the controls are a bit tighter.

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Cool but only in certain respects

The Good
You can modify different cars and you can drag others.

The Bad
Different cars, yes, but even with the best modifications they still bite. Although they have three races two are suicide tracks. Those are the only ones you can race with pink slips.

The Bottom Line
Very cool, lets you live the street circuit with out the risk both to body and wallet.

DOS · by Drizz't (3) · 2001

One step forward, two steps back.

The Good
California dreams knew that they had a good thing in Street Rod's basic interface, so virtually nothing was altered in Street Rod 2. More and faster cars are a delight, as are the numerous new customization options. No longer are you just toying with your engine and transmission - now you must make decisions between a supercharger or fuel injection, whether you want your gear ratio to give you better top speed or acceleration, etc. The addition of a grudge night is also fun - because the races are handicapped, those slower cars are tougher to beat than ever. These changes add to the game's life and replayability, but the other changes aren't exactly improvements.

The Bad
You get three different main race types instead of two, but two of the three are practically impossible to complete, let alone win. California Dreams must have realized that the races in the first game were too easy, but they went too far in the other direction. Also adding to the frustration factor is the fact that dropping your transmission in a gear shift is far too common. I can't figure out what the problem is, since all you do to shift gears is hit the space bar. Because of these problems, the first game is actually more fun. Even if you were to master all of the race types, the game's replayability would still be low.

The Bottom Line
I'd love to see a remake of one of the Street Rod games. They have so much going for them, but they both fall short in the end. The increased depth and replayability that current technology offers would almost certainly make a remake incredibly fun. As it is, Street Rod 2 is slightly less entertaining than the original, but it might be worth your while to pick it up if you can since neither game will keep you occupied for long.

DOS · by Eurythmic (2663) · 1999


Version differences

Amiga and DOS versions are slightly different in some aspects. * Amiga version has a new way of the hood presentation in which the player is in fact looking under the hood. DOS version lacks this detail and kept the way of the engine presentation the same as in the prequel. However it is far more detailed than Amiga version. Also the way of tuning the engine is different in both versions. * Amiga version has no title screen but it has an introduction animation. DOS version has a title screen but no introduction. * In Amiga version the player starts with the bankroll of 750 dollars while in DOS version with 1200 dollars.


On 14th of January 1993 the game become freely available from the website of its current copyrights holder.

Street Rod 3

"Street Rod 3" is an unfinished, unofficial sequel to the series. Its aim is to recreate "Street Rod 2" in a full 3D graphics. The game is being developed for Windows and Linux with its current alpha version available for download.


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