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Dungeon Buster 2: Revive


The sinister female cosmic magician El Black has tried to destroy the planet of Alkasis. Meteorites, earthquakes - every possible disaster has plagued the planet. God's creation was destroyed. Everything that remained was a space station, and even it fell under El Black's control. But the battle continues in this desolate place - will the forces of good be able to defeat El Black once and for all?..

...Probably not, as in this game the player controls El Black's minions - four pretty and deadly girls: Sophia, Violetta, Claire, and Lilith, with El Black herself as an unlockable character. All the girls start in the same location and have the same gameplay: exploring the top-down environments and fighting any enemies (angels, humans, robots) who dare to oppose El Black. The enemies appear randomly. even though the characters move on the battle screen when attacking, the player has no control over their movement and is only able to issue menu-based commands.

Both the playable characters and female enemies gradually undress when hit during combat; defeated enemies are completely naked.


  • ダンジョン・バスター2 γƒͺバむブ - Japanese spelling

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  • MobyGames ID: 44046


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