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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Rose Tattoo

aka: Die ungelösten Fälle von Sherlock Holmes: Das Geheimnis der tätowierten Rose, Les dossiers secrets de Sherlock Holmes - L'Affaire de la Rose tatouée, Los archivos secretos de Sherlock Holmes: El Caso de la Rosa Tatuada

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In October of 1889, the formula for a new and extraordinarily powerful explosive disappeared from the Ministry of Defense. Sherlock's brother Mycroft, an eccentric but influential government servant, launched an official though secret inquiry into the theft, but his effort was thwarted. Just before asking Sherlock to undertake an independent investigation of the theft, Mycroft was seriously injured in an explosion that leveled the Diogenes Club. Sherlock, believing his brother had been victimized by a random gas leak, retired disconsolate to 221B Baker St. Dr. Watson, with a little luck and much effort, managed to reanimate his friend by posing one critical question: "What if the explosion that injured Mycroft had not been an accident?" The answer to this query sent Holmes down a long and twisted road of discovery. Sherlock, for the first time in his career, acknowledged that his motivation was something other than a desire for justice. With single-minded ferocity he pursued, cajoled, questioned, and confronted suspects from smug Mayfair to the pitiful and dangerous East End. Gradually, through observation and deduction, he developed a picture of a huge criminal enterprise initiated by a masterful adversary. To penetrate this perilous conspiracy and frustrate its intent he solved several capital crimes. Holmes applied his customary courage, acumen, and intelligence to these daunting tasks. In so doing he quashed a potentially volatile international incident, defended the national security, protected the honor of the royal family, exonerated the innocent and delivered rough and swift punishment to the guilty. The shocking and surprising resolution of the case made it necessary to seal Watson's precious account for 100 years. That is how The Case of the Rose Tattoo became one of the Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes.

The Case of the Rose Tattoo is part of the Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes kept by Dr. John H. Watson and the sequel to The Case of the Serrated Scalpel. Accompany Holmes as he sets foot in 50 locations and interacts with 90 characters. All the characters are costume and speech specific to Victorian London.


  • 福尔摩斯探案2:玫瑰纹身 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Actor George Gregg:

I was the actor who portrayed Sherlock Holmes in the Rose Tattoo and also played Professor Moriarty. The makeup for Professor Moriarty took us three hours to complete and resulted in a look so convincing that I was almost convinced I'd aged 30 years and become thoroughly evil! A picture of me as Moriarty still graces my office wall and gives me the occasional shiver.

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