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Battle Golfer Yui


Gil Hazard, president of the Hazard Foundation, is secretly Professor G, the leader of the evil Dark Hazard organization. He has designs on world domination, and has plans to use the power of golf toward this end; this is the Battle Golfer project. Yui Mizuhara and Ran Ryuzaki are two ordinary high school girls who just so happen to be golf prodigies, and so are prime candidates for the Battle Golfer project. They are abducted by Professor G, but are rescued by a mysterious man before they can be taken under his control. Having escaped, Yui hears about a golf tournament being held by the Hazard Foundation, and suspecting more nefarious plans, she secretly enters the tournament to stop him for good.

Battle Golfer Yui is a unique genre fusion between a golf game and a Japanese-style adventure game. The main adventure mode casts the player as Yui competing in the Hazard Cup tournament. The player can interact with other characters on the course, and will need to defeat several different opponents at match play on oddly-themed courses in order to proceed. The system is quite simple and fast-paced; simply choose a direction, a club, spin, and hit the bar with the right timing to adjust shot power. Each character also has special abilities to help them out, but these are limited in use. There is also a regular golf mode for one or two players, offered as both stroke and match play.


  • バトルゴルファー唯 - Japanese spelling

Groups +


Credits (Genesis version)

16 People (14 developers, 2 thanks)

  • Kanayama 68000 (as Kinchan 68000 [きんちゃん68000])
  • Shumirechan [しゅみれちゃん]
  • Kanayama 68000 (as Kinchan 68000 [きんちゃん68000])
Character Designer
  • Ano Shimizu (Ano Okata [あの おかた])
  • Hiroyuki Hirama (Mappira‑kun [まっぴらくん])
  • Hitorin.hagaitai [ひとりん.はがいたい]
Graphic Designer
  • Hiroyuki Hirama (Mappira‑kun [まっぴらくん])
  • Hitorin.hagaitai [ひとりん.はがいたい]
  • Toshichan [としちゃん]
  • Kanchan (Kanchan [かんちゃん])
  • Tatta (as Tatta [たった])
  • K. Nakayama (Nakachan 3-sai [なかちゃん 3さい])
  • Kentakun.yada! [けんたくん.やだ!]
  • Kei Maruyama (Maruchan wa Omotta [まるちゃんは おもった])
  • Masayuki Nagao (Kyoporiran [きょぽりらん])
Special Thanks


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  • MobyGames ID: 44798


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