Leather Goddesses of Phobos! 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X

aka: LGOP2
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Cancelled sequel

The ending sequence mentions a forthcoming third and final Leather Goddesses game, which was never released.


Author Steve Meretzky really liked a particular puzzle from A Mind Forever Voyaging (recording incriminating evidence and broadcasting it to the world) so much so that he re-used it in Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2.


Some boxed games came with a "LifeSize Sound Enhancer" which connected to the back of the PC and a stereo system (or speakers) allows you to hear digitized speech without a Sound card!


While the product was labeled for mature audiences, some of the more risque art was retouched to be less erotic at the last minute.

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