Bubsy 3D

aka: Bubsy is 3D in "Furbitten Planet"
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Criminally Underrated.

The Good
Bubsy 3D is open ended, and a good challenge for gamers, as you must get all Rocket pieces in order to get the good ending.

Soundtrack is very good, as usual for Bubsy games, and Bubsy's voice acting can get tedious, but it's better than silence.

The levels get harder as the game progresses, and it's sure to keep you busy for a while.

The Bad
The controls, there wasn't any 3D platformer to model Bubsy 3D from, so they had no idea how to make good controls for Bubsy 3D.

The Bottom Line
Maybe you should give Bubsy 3D a try, and be patient, you can't rush around, take your time, and you'll see that Bubsy isn't that bad.

Bubsy 3D's development was turbulent, as it went from the SEGA 32x to the PlayStation, which is a huge leap, a leap not possible for this Bobcat.

PlayStation · by TheAmessz (2) · 2017

Holy crap...this sucks.

The Good
The fact that it was Bubsy for a next-gen (at the time) system.

The Bad
Everything...my god... I don't mean to be so blatant and to-the-quick, but seriously...this game sucks. The control is so stiff you feel like someone poured concrete into your controller; the graphics are so bland that you feel like you're back in the "3d" era immediately after vector-polygons. It's not Bubsy, it's garbage...and slow garbage at that. At least the Genesis/SNES titles were fast and fun sidescrollers. The only redeeming quality this game has is the fact that it runs in the Playstation's high-res mode...perhaps that is one of the reasons the polygon detail is few and far between, and textures are non-existent. (it makes one shudder to think what the Saturn version looks like)

A good attempt...no check that, a horrible attempt, which unfortunately doomed the cat forever :/

The Bottom Line
Traumatizing, if you've played Bubsy 1 on Genesis or SNES.

PlayStation · by AG Wolf (274) · 2004

Simply 3D

The Good
Graphics are vivid and weird, which you may expect on an alien planet. The CG-esque graphics in the cutscenes, death animations and pause animations show off the cartoonish side of this game. Bubsy's cheesy quotes and breaking the fourth wall are something to laugh at, imagine if Pinkie Pie alluded this bobcat. The puzzle elements included serve to make things interesting from what would otherwise be straightforward action. The underwater levels make for added variety. The makers of the game are pretty generous with the powerups and pickups around the levels. It's good that the Heads Up Display shows momentarily so you have freedom of the screen to yourself. Finally the two player mode is a must try if you get bored exploring this Furbitten Planet by yourself.

The Bad
The awkward camera rotations are fidgety but forgivable, since you've got to get used to manually rotating it. Music is lacking in variety with an awful brushing sound that they could've done without. Gameplay is hindered by the fact that you don't have a proper tutorial to teach you how to fully make use of the moves and abilities, raising the fact that you'll find out blindly how to move Bubsy in the underwater levels on your first try. The boss levels could've been better with decent strategy as opposed to doing the save moves with only three hits to defeat a boss.

The Bottom Line
Despite the barrage of bad reviews and thoughts, one had to consider that effort was put into this game with all the essential elements available. I'd go so far as to declare that this is way better than the 2D platforming prequels that dragged on level by level. This on the other paw, is easy enough to progress with at least a proper goal to accomplish (i.e. collect rocket parts). Give this one a fair chance rather than pass it up.

PlayStation · by Kayburt (32420) · 2020


The Good
Destruction - The game came on a CD, so I can smash it easier then I can on a hard plastic case.

Story- As many flaws as this game has, it has a decent story. Aliens called "Woolies" are very mad because "Bubsy" the Bobcat has gotten back yarn which they have stolen from Earth. "Bubsy" is still on the planet, and they explain how "dangerous" you are and how to defend themselves. It's kind of stupid.

The Bad
The graphics - They look like cardboard boxes painted. Items don't even look like what they should. The opening intro feels kinda like watching a cartoon. A poorly animated and cheesy cartoon.

  Voice Acting - "Bubsy" sounds NOTHING like he does on Sega Genesis. Imagine an annoying teacher, who morphed into a bobcat, telling you cheesy one-liners and how to "play" the "game". That is sadly how "Bubsy" sounds.

   The controls - In a normal game if you press left you go left and right you go right. If you press left or right you move the CAMERA. THAT'S NOT HOW IT SHOULD WORK!!! This is 1996 PlayStation One 3-D, not 1994 SNES 3-D!

Gameplay - This game is a cheaply made rip-off of "Super Mario 64". THANKS ACCOLADE! YOU SURE MAKE THESE TYPE OF GAMES JUST LIKE NINTENDO DOES!

The Bottom Line
If you like choppy graphics, annoying sound, twitchy controls, and an insult to "Mario 64" and "Crash Bandicoot", you'll adore "Bubsy 3-D!" If you're against any of these things, its a huge waste of time. AVGN should totally do a review of this game.

Weston - Age 11

PlayStation · by Weston Sharpensteen (13) · 2011

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