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Super Tofu Boy


Super Tofu Boy is a parody of Super Meat Boy, commissioned by the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to present a vegan alternative to a hero made out of meat in the original game. The game starts showing Meat Boy (with an evil grin) together with his girlfriend Bandage Girl. When Tofu Boy appears, Bandage Girl falls in love with him, but Meat Boy becomes jealous and kidnaps her. The player controls Tofu Boy through nine levels (initially) to save Bandage Girl.

Aside from replacing the protagonist, this title closely mimics the gameplay of the original game. Tofu Boy can be moved around and can bounce off walls to climb through the levels. Visually the style is also almost identical, and both the speed and the difficulty are challenging. All levels are vertically-scrolling and Bandage Girl awaits at the top. Tofu Boy needs to climb walls and dodge razor wheels. There are some levels where the screen scrolls automatically and progress needs to be fast and consistent. Other difficulties include temporary blocks, fires, conveyor belts, and turrets that shoot bullets.

The game is initially divided into three sections (The Slaughter House, Golden Arches, and The Bacon Factory) with three levels each. To unlock a new section, two out of three levels need to be completed. Just like the original game players can collect hard to reach bandages to unlock bonuses. In this game it opens up a Bandage Bonus level where the player needs to collect ten bandages in twenty seconds while the screen scrolls upwards. When performed correctly, a bonus video is unlocked that shows cruel treatment of animals. When all levels have been completed, Dr. Fetus appears, another Super Meat Boy character. He says to have injected hormones into Meat Boy to have the side effects drive Bandage Girl away. As Tofu Boy, the player then needs to complete a final, challenging level to save Banadage Girl one more time.

Team Meat, developer of the original game, responded to the parody by making Tofu Boy a feeble character in Super Meat Boy, unable to finish almost a single level due to his lack of strength.

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According to developer MCM Net, the game was played more than 3.5 million times by nearly 250,000 unique visitors during its first week.

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