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Dance Dance Revolution: Mobius


Dance Dance Revolution: Mobius is a mobile adaptation of the long running Dance Dance Revolutions series of dancing games. Arrows scroll across the screen from the bottom of the screen towards the top and the player has to press the right key when the corresponding arrow reaches the top. The better the player is at timing it the better score he gets and the more his dance gauge and dance power will be increased. Perfect and great hits will land the most points and increase the dance gauge the fastest while almost and missed hits will deplete it. In addition to regular one press arrows there are also freeze arrows that are longer and require the player to hold down the key till the whole arrow has passed. Releasing the key to early will lead to a no good rating on that arrow.

There are six songs in the game each with different characteristics. This can be seen in the way they are rated in the following categories: stream, voltage, air, freeze and chaos. After each song the player will be graded from E (worst) to SS (best). To progress through the game the player has play the songs at varying difficulties (basic, difficult, expert). On basic steps are always on whole beats and rarely have double steps. Difficult has any combination of steps on whole beats and double steps are more common. Expert has frequent half steps that can be both on a whole or a half beat. It's possible to unlock dance powers by completing songs. These are special techniques that can be unleashed when the player has enough dance power.

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