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Killer Loop

aka: Magforce Racing, YARG
Moby ID: 5346

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Dreamcast credits (2000)

60 people (31 professional roles, 29 thanks) with 66 credits.

MagForce Racing

Developed by VCC Entertainment Team FEB
Published by Crave Entertainment

Crave Entertainment

Executive Producer Mark Burke
Producer Matthew Paul
Associate Producer Kevin Hoekman
QA Manager Michael Schneider
Lead Tester Jeff McLean
QA Testers Daniel Echeverria, Jorge Gomez, Jeff Nachbaur, Brian Wilson, Solomon Kupu
Product Marketing Manager Mark Gersh
Publicist Alex Skillman
Marketing Services Manager Sheri Furumi Snow
Creative Services Manager Ryan Villiers-Furze
Creative Assistant Ethan Malykont


Product Manager Robert Kuehl
Project Manager Frank Schliefer
Project Leader Dierk Ohlerich
Game Idea Free Electric Band
Concept Design Free Electric Band
Main Programming Dierk Ohlerich, Peter Cukierski, Marco Schultz, Nils Pipenbrinck, Tim Boescke
Track Design and Modelling Thomas Mahlke, Florian Knappe
Additional Graphics Thomas Mahlke, Florian Knappe
3D Design and Modeling Andreas Samland, Jens Baumgardt, André Adam, Christian Melsa
3D Graphics Optimizing André Adam
Dreamcast-Engine Programming Marco Schultz

Special Thanks from VCC

Special Thanks from VCC Studio Funk, Christian Weikert, Lars Erik Schmidt, Markus Selchow (Maggi), Thomas Moos, John Groves, Daniel Hummer


Greetings Mekka Symposium, SCALA family, Bastian Zuehlke, The sneak team of City HH, NEON, Colin Hughes, Phil Rogers, Ronny, Michael Krause, Jürgen Krenz, HWS Family, TrusT, HoTRoD

Special Thanks

Special Thanks Nima Taghavi, Holly Newman, Paul Sackman, Barry Seaton, Martin Spiess, Marc Buro, Sophie Cristobal, Christian Gloe, Arkin
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