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[ Dreamcast ] [ PlayStation 2 ]

Dreamcast credits (2001)

116 People (107 developers, 9 thanks)

Product Development

Director of Product Development
Assistant Producer
Sound Producer
Translation Co-ordinator / French Translation
German Translation
Spanish Translation
Test Manager
Lead Tester

Marketing Support

Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Interactive Design Manager
Online Marketing Executive
Online Design

Manual & Packaging

Senior Designer
Localisation Co-ordinator

Amuze Electronic Media AB.

Story by
Written by
Created and Developed by
  • Amuze
Game Producer
Project Manager
Game Design
Lead Design
Programming Director
Lead Programmer
Lead 3D Technology Programmer
Additional Programming
Modeling Director
Lead World Modeling
World Modeling
Additional Modeling
Character Design by
Lead Character Modeling and Animation
Character Modeling and Animation
Additional Character Animation
Cutscene Director
Additional Cutscene Support
Rotoscope Actors
Visual FX
Game Testing
Additional 2D Artwork


Composed, arranged and orchestrated by
Conducted by
Assistant Orchestrator
Music Preparation
Orchestral Contractor
Recorded by
Assistant Engineers
Pro Tools Engineer
Mixed and Produced by
Assisted by

Game Sound, Dialogue and Newscuts

Sound Supervisor
Newscuts Director
Line Producer
Recorded at
  • Abbey Road Studios - London
Recorded in 24bit using
  • Digidesign Pro Tools
  • Prism Sound ADA-8
Sample Libraries used in this soundtrack
  • Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra - Unisync
  • Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra - Best Service
  • Bob Clearmountain Drums II - East West
  • The Ultimate Piano Collection - East West
  • Peter Siedlaczek's Classical Choir - Best Service
  • Steve Stevens Guitar - East West
  • Hallelujah - Best Service
  • Symphony of Voices - Spectrasonics
Features Loops and Samples from
  • The Chemical Beats Sample Collection
  • Paul Brook (Producer)
  • Andy Thompson (Producer)
  • Zero-G Limited
  • Copyright ¬©1998 Zero G Ltd
Special Thanks to

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