Star Wars: X-Wing

aka: Star Wars: X-Wing - Simulador de Combate Espacial, Star Wars: X-Wing - Space Combat Simulator
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Along with TIE Fighter, this game is a classic...

The Good
95% of it, really. It takes you straight into the Star Wars universe, and right into the sizzling battles. If you lose your nerve in a battle, you can go do something else, you can go to hyperspace, it's a very 'free-flowing' game.

You get a nice choice of craft, ranging from X-Wings to A-Wings, and a B-Wing is in order, also. You can command your wingmen, which gives you a nice sense of leadership, and reminds you of the Battle of Yavin from the first Star Wars film. The sound effects are also great, the great swirling noise of a TIE Fighter fills you with the Star Wars spirit, and thrusts you oh-so-much deeper into the game.

The Bad
The music is awful. Simple. The in-game music goes on and on, and I can't stand it. Fortunately this was rectified in the 1995 version of this game, but it was terrible. This music also features in TIE Fighter demo, but the music in the real game of TIE Fighter is far better.

As many old games, the graphics ARE dated, and unlike TIE Fighter, you cannot adjust the resolution. This results in pretty poor quality on larger screens. This game also WILL NOT function correctly on NT4/2000/XP, and requires emulation, or Windows 9x to play with the sound.

The Bottom Line
Classic game, the beginning of a well known Star Wars game series which began then, and ended in 1999. Buy this game, you won't regret it.

DOS · by Quackbal (45) · 2005

Classic Space Combat Game

The Good
Released in the mists of time, this was the first decent PC-based space combat game. Whereas 'Wing Commander' missed the point totally, sacrificing and semblance of space combat to the increasingly-idiotic altar of between-mission FMV, 'X-Wing' concentrated on a believable flight engine, simple, effective graphics, and bags of 'Star Wars' atmosphere. The clever 'iMuse' system delivered a generative John Williams score in AdLib, and it was fast and smooth even on slow machines. The smart, influential 'shields, weapons, engine' power-juggling is simple, effective, and incalculably effective. Most of all, the fighters fly 'properly' - in other games you felt as if you were manipulating a moving camera, whilst 'X-Wing' gave you the impression you were actually moving a vessel with mass through space.

The Bad
In short, the difficulty level - it was notoriously rock, and with no 'difficulty level' slider you often had to repeat missions constantly. It wasn't the anti-ship combat that was the trouble - it was the fact that, more often than not, you would have to escort extremely vulnerable transport vessels whilst not losing a single one. That was the major problem, and it made many a seasoned gamer cry with frustration. The capital ships were also extremely tough, as you might expect. The other big flaw isn't a fault of the game - 'Tie Fighter', the sequel, was bigger, better looking, and much the same, and is a better choice nowadays.

The Bottom Line
Classic, still-quite-good-fun space combat game, set in the 'Star Wars' universe.

DOS · by Ashley Pomeroy (225) · 2000

For those who would love to pilot star fighter...

The Good
When I first heard that X-Wing was being released, I knew that it would be a revolutionary game. Any kid who saw any of the Star Wars movies, always pretended to be a pilot for the Rebel Alliance.

The graphics in this game, when running on a good machine, are outstanding. Although the detail level is not as high as it is in X-Wing Alliance, for the time that it was released, the games graphical detail was incredible. This game, in both graphics and sound, surpassed the other space fighter simulation, Wing Commander, by leaps and bounds. The detail that went into recreating the Star Wars ships was amazing. From the glow of the X-wings engines, to the detail of the Death Star trench run, this game was incredible.

The sound in this game is phenomenal. Using the Sound Blaster's capability of reproducing sounds using wave files, the immersion of sound is really cool. Sampled sounds of the lasers, both Rebel and Imperial, make it sounds like you're actually in the star fighter. Even the iMuse score, adapted from John Williams classic Star Wars score, makes it feels like you're in the movie. Besides, the sound of a Tie Fighter, screaming by your cockpit, can be unnerving in a dog fight.

The controls are very easy to use to. Everything is mapped out on your keyboard, very intuitively. After playing for a while, it almost becomes second nature. Especially in the middle of a dog fight, you really can't afford to glance at a reference card, or else you become bantha fodder. If you have a decent joystick, it's the best way to play. You can use a mouse, but is like flying with a bar of soap. The keyboard may also be used if you do not have a joystick port, but it still not quite the same.

The artificial intelligence, can be either stupid or downright ruthless. In the beginning historical missions, the AI is fairly stupid. This way you can get a feel for the games mechanics, and still gets the pleasure of blowing an Imperial Trooper to dust. However, once you get into the tour of duties, the AI is basically, seek and destroy.

The Bad
There is not a lot that I dislike with this game. Being a Star Wars fan myself, I immediately took to the game. Although I must say, that a few of missions are extremely difficult to accomplish.

The Bottom Line
If you like Star Wars, or even if you don't, you really need to check this game out. Don't check it out for the Star Wars license, rather check it out if you really like an excellent space combat similar.

DOS · by Chris Martin (1158) · 2000

If you liked the movies....

The Good
Story: The Rebellion is starting to make a name for itself. Dozens of worlds are turning towards them. This is where you enter. The story stretches on for about 6 Tour of duties, before ending at a brilliant recreation of the Death Star Trench Run.

Menu: Takes a hint from Wing Commander, the interior of a space ship with different hanger doors that take you to other parts of the world, battle fronts or mission logs.

Graphics: A full 3D engine is alive here boys. The main shape of all the ships is amazing for a game that old. They look like they are from the movie. TIE fighters have shaded parts of their wings so that they look like the solar arrays they had in the movies and all rebel craft have markings on them. Lasers and torpedoes are done well, with torpedoes looking just as fearsome as they are. Lasers diminish as your laser energy goes. Hyperspace lines are also shown, as well as brilliant cut scenes.

Sound: Gahh...brilliant! Well conceived MIDIs of the Star Wars sound track, lasers, explosions sound far off when you are far, the wingmen reply to you in voice, as well as fully voiced cut scenes. Full marks

Gameplay: Jumping in does not get you far. There is a well made training center that lets you earn awards in all of the courses you do. Training really gets you to know about your craft. Then there are the historic battles: training one step further. These missions are well set out and offer plenty of action. In the main battle ground things From inspecting corvettes while dodging laser fire, to helping perform an attack on a Star Destroyer all add the game. The A.I is brilliant, craft dodge your attacks, other craft and move very well. Your wingmen are smart as well, they know when to attack or not and don't get fried like other wingmen in other Sci-fi fighters (Wing commander). The cut scenes have been drawn well, very well indeed. Not a detail is missed, from the glow of computer screens on people's faces a recreation of the death star explosion scene from Star Wars, right down to the music. It all shines as a well made movie. Take off and landing scenes are also shown, as well as hyperspace entry and exit. You can even see the blue lines on the screen, just like the movie. You win awards in the game. These are displayed brilliantly on a coat in the medals room, making you feel proud, and all medals are named with names like "Star of Alderann". All Tour of Duty missions are also presented. Flying the game is easy. Most of the main keys are centered around the Enter key so you don't have to fly your hand across the key board. You can get damaged, your R2- unit (When you have one) can repair this damage, a cut scene at the end of a mission after you have scored a beating shows your craft with bits hanging off being repaired. Missions can be recorded and even replayed halfway in through the recording. There is also a detailed holographic map, showing all the technical details of craft.

The Bad
Not much, some levels got boring, some enemy were too hard. apart from that this game has few flaws.

The Bottom Line
For all people even the fans. Star Wars has come alive.

DOS · by Sam Hardy (80) · 2001

One of my all time favorites.

The Good
X-Wing was such an amazing game for its time. Of all of the other games that came out in 1992 X-Wing's graphics are by far the best. The soundtrack is awesome of course. The large amount of missions will keep you occupied for a very long time.

The Bad
Highly unrealistic. But who cares? I would rather have fun playing a game than have it be so realistic its boring.

The Bottom Line
The Star Wars game that started it all.

DOS · by Attila (553) · 2001

A Must-Have Classic

The Good
X-Wing remains, of all the X-Wing games made, my favorite. I felt that later in the series, though the AI was given a much-needed upgrade, they lost the true 'feel' of the Rebel starfighters in return for 'balance'.

However, in this, the original, all is preserved. The roar of TIE fighters, the whistle of your faithful R2, and the explosions as a proton torpedo rips an enemy fighter apart.

Few games have spawned as many sequels as X-Wing. In addition, multiple editors for everything from ships to pilots to missions were written by players, allowing us all to fly missions however we liked.

The Bad
Unfortunately, X-Wing has shown its age. Its graphics are dated (though given a good touch-up in the X-Wing 95 version) and, worst of all, has issues with the newest computers. Sound no longer works right, though that can hardly be blamed on LucasArts.

The Bottom Line
All in all, however, this is a classic, must-have addition to any gamers' collection. Perhaps you, too, will see just how addictive (and fun) this game can be.

DOS · by Casey Neumiller (4) · 2004

Awesome space fighter sim

The Good
The controls are easy to learn, and even got okay with a mouse before I finally bought a joystick. as a sim, this game stands out. I became a better pilot in the "maze", and found that I carried those skills I learned there into the missions and historical battles. the options available, including camera views, targeting, and turning on a recorder to analyze what you did, were outstanding.

The Bad
It's very hard to learn to fly. I actually consider this a plus, since it gave you a sense of accomplishment when you finally learn, but it can be a real turn off to newbies.

The Bottom Line
If you don't have to have instant gratification, X-Wing is well worth the time. After you win a medal, you'll never regret it.

DOS · by Darryl White (9) · 2000

Brilliant space-combat flight sim.

The Good
Absolutely stunning. The graphics and sound were superb at the time, and the excellent gameplay is still in evidence today. Taking part in the actual story of the Star Wars movie really makes the game a winner.

The Bad
At the time I didn't have a joystick, and mouse control was a little hectic. Of course that's my fault, not the games.

The Bottom Line
The most enjoyable of all the combat flight sims out there.

DOS · by Steve Hall (329) · 2000

Space combat sim with a hint of 3D puzzle and a great background

The Good
Great background, good action, simple yet effective controls, different challenges, different crafts to fly with and fly against

The Bad
While there's a lot of action, most of it involves a lot of timing and keeping track of a LOT of targets, objectives not always clear, too hard to aim

The Bottom Line
X-Wing is one of the better space combat games. With a full 3D engine, the game features a lot of action, a great background story, and plenty of action. Ability to find keys to certain targets is invaluable. However, the nature of the mission objectives were not always clear (Freespace was able to fit in an "objectives list" on the screen, including the ships that needed protecting). And a lot of the mission objectives is too dependent on timing and target tracking. It's also VERY hard to get hits (much harder than Wing Commnader).

If you want more action try Wing Commander instead. If you want your space action to come with a bit more tactical considerations, then X-Wing should fit your requirements.

DOS · by Kasey Chang (4599) · 2000

A brilliant game - one of the few space simulators I like.

The Good
This is, as already stated, one of the very few "freespace" games I find to my liking. It has a brilliant engine, amazing cinematic sequences, great graphics and amazing action sequences (a la Tour of Duty). It is one of the most rewarding games I've ever played. Various types of gameplay and a great scoring system make it a memorable game I love and cherish.

The Bad
Nothing - it's damn near perfect.

The Bottom Line
An incredible game which, to me, defined the genre "space simulation".

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999

Play Wing Commander Instead

The Good
This was a pretty good game. But flying mission after mission with no real plot got boring after a while, even if you are flying in a wooo X-wing. Still, game play was smooth and the graphics is very clean. I can see why people would like it, especially those that feel Wing Commander's plot is cheezy.

The Bad
Missions got to be routine after about the 10th time.

The Bottom Line
Star Wars and flight simulator fans will like it 75% of the time.

DOS · by Yeah Right (50) · 2000

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