Pro Evolution Soccer

aka: PES, Pro Evo, World Soccer: Winning Eleven 5, World Soccer: Winning Eleven 5 - Final Evolution
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THE ultimate soccer game.

The Good
Almost everything. This is the most realistic footie game ever released (Next to PES 2). - Moves are suprisingly realistic. The enemy isn't easily fooled by your tricks, but execute them right and you should prove victorious. - You can't gain impossible scores in a soccer match in this game (or example 11 - 0). Not even when the game is set at the easiest level. - It all comes down to skill. When you score a goal with a Fifa game, you have the disturbing feeling that the computer just gave the chance away. No such thing in PES (Depending of course on the difficulty level). You'll have to work here to score a goal. - Although you play with computer generated players, they still represent humans and they make mistakes like in the real thing. Like failing to see your teammate on time and passing the ball to your teammate's previous position, slipping on wet grass, failing to see a ball on time etc. - The ball isn't "glued" to your foot. All FIFA games had that feeling (FIFA 2003 not included).

The Bad
- The Music. It sounded to "synthetic". It would've been great if the game had the original orchestrated national anthems of the country's. - The crowd/audience is extremely disappointing. The cheer that you can hear after there has been a goal is also extremely hushed. It should have been a little bit louder. The crowd is also poorly animated. And besides. Fan's of different clubs / country's are mixed together. No that realistic either. - This annoyed me the most. It can happen that a ball that is meant to be passed to a teammate is stolen away by the opponent, because that teammate refuses to get to the ball. This happened to me in a lot of critical moments and it really annoyed me.

The Bottom Line
It has a few minor flaws and one big flaw, but that doesn't change the fact that this is THE ultimate footie game. If you want to have realistic gameplay instead of relatively easy arcade gameplay then this is the game for you.

PlayStation 2 · by Goteki45 (323) · 2003

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