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Action Force

aka: Action Force: International Heroes


COBRA have attacked the small island of Botsneda. While in the pursuing chaos the inhabitants left behind some top secret documents that if found by COBRA will cause a breach of security. Instead of an all out attack from the island protectors, they send in the only suitable vehicle for the terrain; an All Weather and Environment (AWE) buggy. Problem is this has nothing to defend itself with.

Enter stage left, Wild Bill in a Dragonfly Helicopter. His mission is to protect the AWE against enemy aircraft from destroying it. Also he must lift bridge parts and lower them down over gaps to stop the AWE from killing itself.

The game is viewed from the side letting you become Wild Bill to control the Dragonfly while you watch the buggy trundle on to certain death. The AWE has 100 hit points while you have 200. The terrain and certain bombs can kill you and the AWE instantly. At the end of a level you receive a message before moving on to another landscape. Good luck William. You'll need it.

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Credits (Commodore 64 version)

  • Gang of Five
  • Gang of Five
  • Gang of Five


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  • MobyGames ID: 56068


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