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Space Phreeks

aka: Galactic Blitz


Space Phreeks is a single player Galaga style shooter game where the player is faced with arrays of invaders that require destruction to earn points and to survive. The aliens are divided among 5 types: 'Heart attacks', the most powerful and lethal move rapidly for the kill. 'Pearons', which use their maneuverability to protect themselves as they attempt to knick you up and slow you down. 'Energridders' are the midfield powerbacks, brightly colored and easy to see amidst the clutter, will attempt to close in as a group, isolate and destroy you. 'Behindheads' always trail in the rear of the enemy formations, seemingly slow to act, will lull you into danger if they're not dealt with quickly. 'Towelheads' are the peripheral players, constantly harassing you as attempt to fight your way into the clear to face the next wave.

Space Phreeks gives the player 15 levels of combat to work through.

Scoring is very basic: Each enemy killed, of whatever class, will earn you 50 points.

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