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You're a robotic insect, leading a normally happy life in your robotic jungle, when some of your robotic cousins decide to chew through the nearby citadel. Unfortunately for you, they're threatening to chew right through the reactor core! Capture renegade insects to stop their damage, and use them later to perform tasks for you.

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Look, it's Spiderman. Oh wait, I was wrong.

The Good
At the time I first played Spiderbot, I had just gotten my first CGA computer and was only five years old and at the time anything was good on the CGA.

The Bad
Now that I look back, I see that Spiderbot was a sham. Terrible graphics, controls from hell and sound that put shame on the name of PC Speaker. Thinking about the game now, what you actually had to do really didn't make much sense. It was more or less going around room to room, banging the keys to hopefully discover that you were doing something right.

The Bottom Line
Bad. That's all there is to it.

PC Booter · by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2347) · 2000


One of the error messages inside the program is "Invalid sprite data, bucko!"

The coloring of the sprites of this game (each sprite uses only one color) suggest that it was originally developed for the Spectrum and then ported to other platforms.

Was marketed under Epyx's "Maxx Out!" series.

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