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A follow up to the Dreamcast title Jet Grind Radio. The setting is Tokyo in the year 2024. Freedom is a valuable commodity and freedom of expression even more so. Gangs of misbehaving teens strap on rocket-powered roller blades and skate, grind, and mark their territory with graffiti tags.

Players take the role of the GGs, and can choose between any member of the gang, each with different stats, while in gang HQ. The city of Tokyo can be leisurely explored without a time limit, but the heat will be turned up when story missions are activated and the GGs find themselves being challenged by rival gangs or under attack from the cops. This time around spraying no longer requires thumbstick inputs; just roll up and start spraying away, although large tags still require more cans than smaller tags. Each section of the city has hidden objectives that are revealed by finding a hidden tape, and once completed these challenges will unlock new graffiti patterns.

In multiplayer modes players can challenge each other to races, point battles, and other competitions both in zones from the single player game as well as in special arenas.

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Average score: 86% (based on 26 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 45 ratings with 4 reviews)

What Have they done to the franchise?

The Good
In JSRF you once again play as the GG’s This game is not so much of a sequel but a remake to my favorite game of all time Jet Grind Radio this has the same basic story same rival gangs with two new ones more on that later so what’s good about this game? Lets see graphics are amazing using the Xbox’s power Shibuya Terminal is now on a larger scale more like a real bus terminal the music’s not as good but still quality.

The Bad
Now what’s bad? Everything else the story is basically the same with slight differences like the Noise Tanks are now Literally robots which for some reason are programmed by the golden rhinos to spray graffiti? Wait.. What? And due to the new gangs the immortals, Rapid 99, and the doom riders the old gangs get neglected like the Love Shockers are hardly in this one now correct me if I’m wrong isn’t the point of adding new gangs so that there’s more adversaries and not overshadowing old ones.

There are more annoying songs like Birthday Cake , I love, love you, and Rockin the Mic.

Only the first set of levels are any fun once you go to the sewers the game goes down hill I know they were trying to make the game longer but in the end it is too long the length of the first one was fitting not too short and not dragged out like this one is the original did not have filler except maybe for the American levels but those were a afterthought for example death ball is filler as is the part where you have to find Clutch and in the original you could once you had beaten the game you could play through again with all the characters unlocked in this one you can’t once you beat it all you can do is skate around with the characters so there’s no point in going there the trouble of getting the more difficult characters cause there’s not enough time to use them.

The Bottom Line
If you haven’t played the far superior Dreamcast original then play it even if you don’t have a Dreamcast buy one and the game instead of this game Yeah the original is that much better.

Xbox · by Classic Nigel (108) · 2009

Vibrant, stylish and full of beans

The Good
A pumping techno / hip-hop soundtrack that has you bopping from the get go. Sits well with rich, colourful environments and an upbeat vibe that lasts the game.

The Bad
I was really sad to see it over so soon.

The Bottom Line
If you had any affinity with the Dreamcast original, this will float your boat all over again. An expanded soundtrack, large and more richly detailed levels and a streamlined control mechanism. This is Jet Set Radio down in epic style on next generation hardware. One of the most joyful videogame experiences I have had the good fortune to enjoy.

Xbox · by Rupert Breheny (117) · 2004

Very cool

The Good
I liked just about everything about this game. It has some very unique graphics, a dj-type soundtrack, a pretty good storyline, and some very cool characters. The whole game as a whole is excellent. I liked the way the controls worked. It made everything easier to move around and such. The graphics had a hand drawn feel to them, which made everything very unique. The soundtrack sounded like it was being mixed live by a dj inside my Xbox. The characters were very hip and cool. Multiplayer was great, too.

The Bad
The storyliine wasn't too good. I think it could have used a little more work. It was like a bad Japanese cyberpunk film. But fortunatley, it didn't take away from the game experience. Sometimes it was kind of hard to spraypaint grafiti if you were going to fast. Also, since the game is Japanese, some of the Street Objectives were hard to do since some things were still in Japanese.

The Bottom Line
This game is really cool. I would recommend it to anyone with an Xbox. Almost everyone has it, since it comes with the Xbox, though. Like Tony Hawk 2, you can keep playing the game over and over trying to get secret charchters and such even after you've beaten the game. All in all, this is a great game for anyone who has an Xbox.

Xbox · by Mullet of Death (592) · 2003

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Jet Set Radio Future appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


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    • 2002 – Best Music of the Year (Xbox)


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