Sega Sports Japan

Moby ID: 1988

  • Smilebit (from 1998 to 2004)
  • Sega AM6 R&D Division (from 1994 to 1998)

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Sega Sports Japan was an internal division of SEGA. There were several small development division operating within the company:

Around 1998, they were folded back into the main company and the names were no longer used.

It operated as Sega Sports Design R&D for about four years, after Smilebit was merged back into Sega on July 1, 2004. Most recently, the staff is spread across the various consumer R&D divisions at Sega. Former head of the studio Takayuki Kawagoe moved up to the position of overseeing the majority of Sega's output on consumer devices.

Credited on 20 Games from 1998 to 2008

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2008 on Nintendo DS)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (2007 on Wii)
Let's Make a Soccer Team! (2006 on PlayStation 2)
Virtua Pro Football (2006 on PlayStation 2)
Ollie King (2003 on Arcade)
Panzer Dragoon Orta (2002 on Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One...)
Baseball Advance (2002 on Game Boy Advance)
Borkov (2002 on Palm OS)
Triangle Magic (2002 on Palm OS)
Gunvalkyrie (2002 on Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series)
SakaTsuku 2002: J.League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurō! (2002 on PlayStation 2)
JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (2002 on Xbox)
CLIÉ PEGA-GC10 Game Controller (included games) (2002 on Palm OS)
Hundred Swords (2001 on Windows, Dreamcast)
90 Minutes: Sega Championship Football (2001 on Dreamcast)
Jet Grind Radio (2000 on Windows, Dreamcast, Xbox 360...)
Super Robot Taisen α (2000 on PlayStation, Dreamcast, PSP...)
The Typing of the Dead (1999 on Windows, Dreamcast, Macintosh...)
SEGA Rally 2 Championship (1998 on Windows, Dreamcast, Arcade)
Sega Worldwide Soccer '98 (1997 on Windows, SEGA Saturn)

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