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Chess is an online adaptation of the original board game, played on a checkered board with eight squares on each side. The players assume control over 16 chess pieces each and have the objective of defeating the opponent through a checkmate, in other words trapping his king piece without a chance for it to avoid capture. The pieces move in a classical way: the king can move only one square in any direction; the queen can move in any direction for any number of squares; the rook can move only horizontally or vertically for any number of squares; the bishop can do the same, only diagonally; the knight moves two squares vertically or horizontally and then one square at a right angle; the pawn can only move forward by either one or two squares (the latter only at the beginning). Capturing an enemy piece follows the same pattern. As a result, the latter is removed from the board and replaced by the winning piece. Additional moves such as "Castling" and "En Passan" can be performed as well.

This adaptation has primarily a multiplayer component. As with competitive chess, the matches are timed and the clock can be frozen only if both players agree to it. This way, besides checkmate the players can also lose when they ran out of time or if they resign. There is a "Offer Draw" option as well. Depending on the outcome the players can move up or down in the general ranking.

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