Final Fantasy Legend III

aka: SaGa 3: Jikū no Hasha [Kanketsu-hen]
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The final (no joke) Final Fantasy Legend title to grace the Game Boy, FFLIII tells the story of a great flood which destroys cities in the past, present and future. As you control a party of 4, with a choice of human and mutant classes, and travel back and forth through time collecting pieces of the great ship Talon so as to defeat the enemy that has flooded the lands.

The inclusion of a time travel storyline means that whatever you do in one time frame can have an affect on what happens in another time. Other major changes compared to the original 2 in the series are the ability to mutate your characters further and a change to the upgrade system. Items picked up after battle can be attached to your mutants or humans to turn them into monsters or robots, increasing your parties power and abilities. And although the original system of obtaning experience points after every battle has been removed, its replacement allows you to choose which magic stone each character can use, so they learn that specific magic type and never lose it.


  • サ・ガ3 時空の覇者 [完結編] - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 78% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings with 1 reviews)

The only one in the series worth playing, is also one of the GameBoy's best.

The Good
Final Fantasy Legend III is an impressive Gameboy RPG that is not a Final Fantasy game. Confused? That’s okay we all are. FFLIII is actually a spin off to Square’s Romancing Saga games, it was named after Final Fantasy because, at the time no one in the USA had heard of the Saga games.

In FFLIII, you play warriors whom must travel back in time to stop an evil entity from destroying your world. Unlike the other Saga err Legend games you play a pre-made party instead of making your own. The story is convincing enough to keep you playing. The gameplay involves all the typical RPG gameplay, but being a Gameboy game it is some what more impressive.

The Sound/ Music is solid. The music and effects are all good, which is something of an achievement for a Gameboy cart.

The Bad
In the Negative would have to be the ridiculous amount of random battles. (This may not be a true Final Fantasy game but it acts like one.) The game also involves excessive level building.

The Bottom Line
This is a lengthy quest around 30 hours, with good graphics music, and decent gameplay all on one Gameboy Cartridge! Pocket Gamers should check this one out.

Game Boy · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006


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