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My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens

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My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens is a game for young children that is based on the 'My Little Pony' franchise. It was originally developed in 1998 and has been re-issued a number of times.

The game starts with the player creating their own pony using a paint box screen to change the colours to their liking. Then the pony is given a name and the player is taken to Ponyland where the game begins.

The game starts at a bridge. To the left is the farm where the player gets to know and train their pony. To the right is the pony village. The player starts on the farm where they feed, groom and train their pony. There is a limited supply of food in the inventory to start with and more can be grown or picked from trees.

When the pony has grown she will be confident enough to enter the village and have fun with other ponies. In the village there are four cottages, each with its own resident and mini-game(s):* Ivy's Beauty Salon where the player can dress and/or style their pony's hair

  • Light Heart's Game Cottage naturally has the most activities. There's Tic-Tac-Hoof, a Tile Switch Puzzle, videos to watch, books to read, Sweet Berry's kitchen where cakes can be baked, and pictures to colour in.
  • Sun Sparkle's Dance Studio has a dance floor with coloured squares. The mini-game here is a 'Simon Says' like game where the player has to repeat the sequence in which the dance floor squares light up.
  • Morning Glory's schoolhouse has a memory game and pictures to print.

Throughout the game the player can take pictures of their pony, these are held on an album along with the pony's pet certificate, awards, the pony diary and mail messages.

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Getting Creative on your Side

The Good
The game has the nice feel of a ponycare simulator. Though it doesn't teach you about horsecare in real-life it does give you the satisfaction of making sure your custom pony is happy and healthy (if you could call a diet of pizzas, cupcakes, juice and lollipops healthy).

What you can customise (including pictures, cakes and mane styles) have adequate variety that give those activities good replay value. The minigames also add to entertainment. Most of those activities do feel like friendship lessons from Twilight Sparkle, so they're quite amusing to complete.

The Bad
Unlike most Activity Centre software, there's not too much you can do and not a whole lot of ponies (not counting the ones you create), despite the fact there were dozens of pony characters in the toyline. In addition you don't get to know much about the ponies there are such as Morning Glory. The whole world you explore also feels small.

Sometimes the butterfly's nagging and repetition might not be the best way to teach users. It would be better if there was an option to disable the help guide to allow users to explore for themselves.

The Bottom Line
To some, this game is oriented on the sugar-coated side but is not nearly as sappy as the first generation MLP. You might even feel like you're fitting in Ponyville from MLP Generation 4. This is the kind of game that may keep you content for a bit, but unless you're really into ponies you might not play it everyday. This is about the closest thing to a MLP Generation 2 cartoon you're ever going to get, because that generation of ponies did not get the level of love and attention as the later generations.

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