Harlan Ellison: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

aka: Bezmolvnyj Krik, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, No Tengo Boca y Debo Gritar
Moby ID: 617

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DOS credits (1995)

40 people with 48 credits.

Designed by Harlan Ellison, David Mullich, David Sears
Starring Harlan Ellison (as the Voice of AM)
Producer David Mullich, Robert Wiggins
Art Director Peter Delgado, Bradley W. Schenck
Marketing & Sales Andrew Balzer, Daniel Pelli, MGM Interactive
Quality Assurance Manager John G. Fair Jr.
Lead Test Chris Klug
Test Daniel Lee
Technical Review Board Michael G. Buscher, Jani Peltonen
Music Composition John Ottman
Music Arrangement & Production David B. Schultz
Production & Documentation Michael G. Buscher
Technical Director John Bolton
Programmer John Bolton
Additional Programming Michal Tudorovich
Scripters John Bolton, Sharon McIntyre, Jack Russell
Additional Scripters Erik Bethke, Erik Haugen, Steve McNally
Assist. Art Directors Jhoneil Centeno, Glenn Price
Background Art Robert L. Miles, Glenn Price, Bradley W. Schenck
Voice Casting and Direction Virtual Casting
Character Animation Jhoneil Centeno, Diane Cooper, Rafael Navarro, Stepan O. Nazar
Additional Art John Goodner, Lisa Iennaco, April Lee, Nathan Simpson
Voice Recording and Digitizing Cheshire Multimedia Sound
Sound Effects James Phillipsen, Lawrence Schwedler
Package Design Bright & Associates
Instrument Bank Provided by Loudmouth
3D Mouse Pad Virtual Images Unlimited
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