The Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

aka: Oak Flat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator, The Oakflat PWR Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
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The Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator is a single player, shareware, simulation of the operation of a nuclear power station.

The object of the game is to maintain a stable reaction and generate electricity by manipulation of the control rods and the primary & secondary cooling pumps. After each attempt the player is given a score based on how much power was generated and how long the reactor was running.

The simulation has been in existence for many years and on three different platforms. Over time it has matured and increased in complexity to include among other things earthquake and other disaster simulations, and extensive controls, self test functions, and improved sounds. The current Windows release is designed to simulate a 1.5 GWe pressurized light-water nuclear reactor and adjoining power plant. It is operated by either the keyboard or a mouse or both to control rod settings, coolant pump rates, damage control, pressure release valves, reactor scrams, and much more and it maintains a log file so that the player can review the impact of their actions/inaction and make better decisions next time.

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Old-school, no-frills, rock-hard. A good game that not everyone will take to.

The Good
This game is hard. Very hard.

It does not hold your hand at all and it's ridiculously easy to produce a core meltdown. It's attraction is that it should be easy because the number of controls is reasonable and it should be possible to continually play and replay the game adding just one more tweak each time to get a better result.

A lot of games from this time period were like this, you played and you died, so you played again and died later or in a different way but you progressed and that small incremental gain was so hard won it meant a lot so you persevered.

This is one of those odd, geeky games that strange people like to play because it is obscure and so unlike other games. It's the kind of game I could see attracting a cult gathering with players posting their results to show how efficiently they ran their reactor and for how long.

The Bad
It's too hard for me. Plain and simple as that.

It's not a problem with the game, this player just is not up to it.

The Bottom Line
If this rock hard, old school, style of game is what you like then you should, no you must, play this simulation.

I used to revel in a challenge of this type but now I'm older, softer, and I want more than a .1 second improvement in the lifespan of my reactor (yes I really was that bad even after several attempts)

DOS · by piltdown_man (240937) · 2013


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