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Dust: An Elysian Tail

[ iPad ] [ iPhone ] [ Linux ] [ Macintosh ] [ Nintendo Switch ] [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2013)

174 People (115 developers, 59 thanks)


A game by
Music & Sound (HyperDuck SoundWorks)
Additional Music (Funky Rustic)
Voice Direction & Casting (Toon Platoon Casting)
Story & Writing
Special Thanks for their Contributions and Inspiration
Dean Dodrill would like to thank
  • Microsoft Studios and the XBLA Team
  • The XNA Development Community
  • All of my generous Playtesters
  • My wife; children and family
  • and to an everloving God
HyperDuck SoundWorks would like to thank
  • Their friends and family for all their support and understanding
  • Kevin Carville (for his advice and feedback over the last year)
  • Michael Carville (for an amazing logo)
  • and Dean; for being such an inspiration throughout this project; and a good friend
Alex Kain would like to thank
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Jen
  • Care
  • Rachel
  • Sean
  • David
  • the Venan Crew
  • and all family and friends near and far.
Alex Brandon would like to give thanks
  • For the love and patience of my family: Jeanette; Nicholas; Conner and Sean.
Toon Platoon Casting would like to extend a special thanks to

Microsoft Studios: Xbox Live Arcade Team

Lead Testers
Design Team
Development Team
Release Management
Lead Producer
Executive Producer
Senior Director, XBLA Publishing
Business Development
Portfolio Director
Product Manager
Community Manager
Software Engineer (Europe Localization Team)
Test PM (Europe Localization Team)
Test Lead (Europe Localization Team)
Translation PM (Europe Localization Team)
PM (Europe Localization Team)
Software Engineers (Asia Localization Team)
Test Lead (Asia Localization Team)
Tester (Asia Localization Team)
Production Manager (Asia Localization Team)
Project Manager (Asia Localization Team)
User Research Lead
User Researcher
Special Thanks

Microsoft Studios: Experis

Senior Test Lead
Test Lead
Software Development Engineer in Test
Software Test Engineers
Test Associates

Microsoft Studios: PC Team

Lead Tester
Strike Team
Localization Producer
Localization Project Managers
Localization Project Engineers
Production Managers
Test Leads


For my dearest
  • Elizabeth

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