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Analogue: A Hate Story


Analogue: A Hate Story is set far in the future. The player takes the role of an investigator who visits the old spaceship Mugunghwa - a whole society lived on it while it searched for planets to colonize - which disappeared many years ago and just recently came back on the radars. The goal is obviously to find out what exactly happened.

This game is a visual novel and most of the time is spent with reading all those log files. The player quickly learns that the past events may be set in the future, but the social structure is a very old one: it is an extreme patriarchy where women are worth nothing - they are not even noted in the family tree. However, the researcher needs to help of the two board AIs: *Hyun-ae and *Mute. The player frequently has to show the logs to them to get them to speak of the past and unlock more related logs. Only one AI can be active at a time and both have different personalities and had other relationships with the persons of the past; so both have different reactions. Sometimes the player has to answer yes/no questions which may affect the AI's feelings towards the player.

Another element is the board computer where the player has to type in commands (all possible ones are given, though) to do different things, e.g. enable one of the AIs or change *Hyun-ae's costume. The game features one puzzle towards the end which uses this interface. There are multiple endings which depend on the player's decisions during the game.

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The game's unusual name is the inverse of the author's earlier game Digital: A Love Story.

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