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Disney•Pixar Toy Story Racer

aka: Toy Story Racer
Moby ID: 6486

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PlayStation credits (2001)

96 people (81 professional roles, 15 thanks)

QA Testers Mike Holloman Jr.

Traveller's Tales

Game Programming John Hodskinson
Lead Artwork Neil Allen
Characters William Thompson
Internal Production Arthur Parsons
Additional Art James Cunliffe, Stephane Preteux, Leon Warren
Additional Programming David Dootson, Andy Holdroyd
Office Manager Emma Hoskins
Executive Producer Jon Burton
Sound and Music Production by PC Music Steve Cowell, Keith Leary


Executive Producer Rob Letts
Senior Associate Producer Eric Koch
Associate Producer Peter Nielsen
VP, European Studios Julian Lynn-Evans
Executive VP Worldwide Studios Lawrence Goldberg
Director Global Brand Management Melissa Chapman
Global Brand Manager Monica Guerra Robinson
Marketing Matthew Geyer
VP Global Brand Management Tricia Bertero
Executive VP Marketing Kathy Vrabeck
Director Corporate Communications Michelle Schroder
Legal Michael Hand, George Rose
Head of Marketing, Affiliate Business Sarah Ewing
Localization Manager Nathalie Ranson
Localization Project Supervisor Tamsin Lucas
Brand Manager, UK & ROE Katy Moxham
VP European Publishing Scott Dodkins
Production Coordinator Peter Muravez

Activision QA

QA Night Manager Jeremy Gage
QA Console Manager Joseph Favazza
QA Lead Adam Hartsfield
QA Floor Leads Erin Martel, Dustin Thomas
QA Testers Chad Fazzaro, Patrick Hearne, Anthony Hatch Korotko, Kirk M. Kosinski, John Paul Lababit, Robert Lai, Jeffry Moxley, Michael Wesby
QA Special Thanks Willie Bolton, Jermaine Clarke, Nicholas Favazza, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Sam Nouriani, Jim Summers, Nadine Theuzillot, Tim Vanlaw, Jason Wong

Customer Support

Customer Support Manager Bob McPherson
Customer Support Leads Gary Bolduc, Michael Hill, Rob Lim

Disney Interactive

Producer Chaun J. Ralls
Senior Producer Scott Cuthbertson
Vice President of Product Development, Consoles Dan Winters
Senior Manager, Marketing Sue Fuller
Marketing Assistant Sue Elliot
International Production Supervisor David Gordon
Localization Managers Catherine Duperron, Stéphan Gonizzi, Philippe Juton
Senior Brand Manager for Games Europe Carole Degoulet
Marketing Coordinator Miriam Cullen
Senior Clearance Administrator Tamira Webster
Packaging Nina Harju, Kristen Johnson, Byron Lee
Disney Character Voices - Sr. Voice Director Rick Dempsey
Disney Character Voices - Sound Engineer Randy Coppinger, Rita Kedineoglu
Disney Character Voices - Talent Supervision Beth Glenday
Disney Character Voices - Voice Director/Casting Ned Lott
Disney Character Voices - Voice Director Susie Lum
Disney Character Voices - Production Support Vicki Rondou
With the Voice Talent of Tim Allen, Earl Boen, Patrick Fraley, Jim Hanks, Darryl Kurylo, Jeff Pidgeon, John Ratzenberger, Don Rickles, Rebecca Wink
Special Thanks Leeann Alameda, John Lsseter, Todd Nielsen, Katherine Sarafian, Peter Wyse
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Credits contributed by Corn Popper.