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aka: Spider-Man Vs. the Kingpin

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OJGames (95 out of 100) (95%)

“Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin” es una autĂ©ntica obra maestra de los 16 bits y sobre todo de los juegos de superhĂ©roes en esta Ă©poca, convirtiĂ©ndose seguramente en el juego mĂĄs fiel de Spider-Man hasta entonces. Si hay alguna palabra que lo define serĂ­a “variedad”, ya que se nota un trabajo en cada fase por hacerla diferente al resto, tanto en diseño como en enemigos, obligĂĄndonos a meternos en el papel de Spider-Man aprovechando todos nuestros poderes para salir airosos en diferentes situaciones. Sin lugar a dudas un juego muy recomendable a dĂ­a de hoy y que ningĂșn fan del hĂ©roe arĂĄcnido deberĂ­a perderse.

May 17th, 2007 · Genesis · read review

Mean Machines (90 out of 100) (90%)

Megadrive Spider-Man is similar in concept to the Master System version we reviewed last month, but has a much larger play area and vastly improved gameplay. It’s basically a Shinobi-style game, but has plenty of new touches to keep your interest – I particularly like the way you can take “photos” during the game, and being able to return home and rest when energy is low is a novel twist. The control method is quite tricky to get used to, but once mastered, Spidey can do all manner of moves, from running across the ceiling to swinging around on his web at high speed. Graphically, Spider-Man is varied in quality. The large Spider-Man sprite is nicely drawn and animated and all the baddies are excellent, but the backdrops are rather bland and look a bit rough around the edges. Still, Spider-Man is a very challenging game.

Sep 1991 · Genesis · read review

SEGA Mega Drive Game Power (9 out of 10) (90%)

Das Modul Spiderman lehnt sich eng an die gleichnamigen Comics an. Du triffst auf dieselben Gegenspieler, die Spiderman auch in den Comics das Leben schwer machen. Hervorragend sind die Möglichkeiten, die die Spielfigur besitzt. Eine mit solchen ĂŒppigen und gut steuerbaren Funktionen gerĂŒstete Spielfigur wird nur auf wenigen Modulen geboten. Die Graphik von Spiderman ist gelungen; die Sounduntermalung zwar sparsam, dafĂŒr aber stimmungsvoll. Lediglich das eine oder Ă€ndere Level hĂ€tte hinzukommen können. Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert!

1993 · Genesis

1UP! (80 out of 100) (80%)

La premiĂšre version Megadrive de Spider-Man est donc une demi-rĂ©ussite, ou un demi-Ă©chec, ça dĂ©pend des perspectives. La nĂŽtre est tout de mĂȘme de parler de demi-rĂ©ussite dans le sens oĂč le principal, pour un fan de Spider-Man, s'y trouve. Si, par contre, tout ce que les araignĂ©es vous inspirent, c'est de les Ă©craser avec la paume de la main, c'est sans doute la seconde perspective qui vous convient le mieux. Mais franchement, les gens parfaitement insensibles au charme super naturel des super hĂ©ros, est-ce que ça existe encore au sein des joueurs ?

Sep 29th, 2005 · Genesis · read review

Games-X ( ) (80%)

Spiderman is an eight-way scrolling beat 'em-up which includes the majority of characters seen in the popular comic book series. The controls work well, although it may take some time to find out how to execute all the moves. The graphics are OK, the same can be applied to the sound. A playable game but quite expensive at just under £40.

Aug 1991 · Genesis · read review

VideoGame (8 out of 10) (80%)

Nesta primeira aventura do Homem Aranha em cartuchos de Mega Drive, Peter Parker (seu nome verdadeiro) tem de salvar a cidade de Nova York das garras do poderoso Kingpin. O seu terrível plano é acabar com a reputação do Homem Aranha e ao mesmo tempo ameaçar a vida das pessoas da cidade com uma poderosa bomba-relógio. Para isso Kingpin reponsabilizou o Homem Aranha pela bomba. O herói tem apenas 24 horas para desativar a bomba e capturar seu inimigo.

Dec 1991 · Genesis · read review

Play Time (77 out of 100) (77%)

Das Comicgenre kommt einem Videospiel darstellungsmĂ€ĂŸig natĂŒrlich entgegen und so sind die Grafiken durchwegs “marvelous“. Die Steuerung. ist einfach und prĂ€zise, lediglich der Sound fĂ€llt hinsichtlich der ansonst gewohnten satten Segadröhnung etwas ab. Eben TWFFT! und ZZIPP! FĂŒr alle Actionfreunde ein echt gelungener Zeitvertreib. FĂŒr die Marvelfangemeinde ein Muß.

Nov 1991 · Genesis

Sega-16.com (7 out of 10) (70%)

For owners of the Sega Nomad, Spider-Man is perfect for portable web-slinging action. While the fast-pace of the game can give the already-blurry screen some cause for alarm, you'll get used to it after a few minutes and eventually learn to compensate for the errors that will be caused by the blurring. The sound, gameplay, and control remain as pristine as ever. I would recommend that you play it on a regular Genesis system prior to playing it on a Nomad so you will be able to get a feel for how it should be played. Then, when you feel you're up to the task, play it on the Nomad. Despite all of the problems caused by playing this game on the Nomad, it's still the best way to play Spidey on the go. If you have Sega's portable Genesis, then you should definitely do whatever it takes to pick this game up. There are a few qualms to be had with playing it on the small screen, but it's still the finest Spidey experience that can be had on a portable and one of the best Spidey games ever.

Jul 1st, 2004 · Genesis · read review

Power Unlimited (70 out of 100) (70%)

SpiderMan op de Megadrive is bijna hetzelfde als zijn kleine Game Gear-broertje, met als grootste verschillen natuurlijk de beeldkwaliteit, maar ook het feit dat je dit keer geen honden af hoeft te maken. De bediening laat het dit keer echter afweten.

Nov 1st, 1993 · Genesis · read review

Video Game Critic, The (B-) (67%)

This side-scroller is plenty of fun if you can deal with all the clichés. Spiderman is your typical, old-fashioned, jump-kick-punch game. You beat up one thug after another, and they all look exactly the same. Spiderman can crawl on the walls, ceilings, the sides of buildings, and through vents. The controls are tricky at first, and can be frustrating at times. But your web-slinging ability is great fun, allowing you to swing freely as well as tie up the bad guys. You'll face six villains, including Dr Octopus, the Hobgoblin, and Venom. The graphics and sound are about average. The action gets repetitious, but the boss battles are pretty interesting. Spiderman is a challenging game, and it doesn't provide a password, but it does deliver some old-school fun.

Sep 9th, 2001 · Genesis · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (13 out of 20) (65%)

MalgrĂ© ses graphismes dĂ©passĂ©s et son style rĂ©tro, on ne peut s'empĂȘcher de penser que ce Spider-Man Megadrive est un bien bel hommage au comics, dont il respecte Ă  la lettre l'univers : bestiaire, lieux traversĂ©s, possibilitĂ© de prendre des photos des ennemis, les fans de l'homme-araignĂ©e seront aux anges. DotĂ© de plus d'une bonne maniabilitĂ© et d'un challenge relevĂ©, Spidey nous offre ici l'une de ses plus belles aventures sur la 16 bits de Sega.

Dec 3rd, 2010 · Genesis · read review

Power Play (59 out of 100) (59%)

Ganz nett, was den Sega-Programmierern zum Thema Spider-Man eingefallen ist: Das Sammelsurium an HĂŒpf-, Hangel- und Handkantenaction ist ganz gut spielbar, aber nicht gerade reich mit Glanzlichtern gesegnet. Bis auf die ungewöhnlichen Spinnenbewegungstechniken wird recht biedere EinzelkĂ€mpferaction geboten. Grafik und Sound wirken zudem etwas lieblos. Spider-Man ist ertrĂ€glich, hat's gegen die reichliche Konkurrenz an Edelactionmodulen fĂŒrs Mega Drive schwer. Wer bessere Titel wie "Super Shinobi" oder "Shadow Dancer" durch hat, wird auch ĂŒber zweitklassigen Nachschub in Form von Spider-Man dankbar sein - besser als gar nichts.

Nov 1991 · Genesis

Mega Force N/A

MĂȘme pour un super-hĂ©ros, ce n'est pas un boulot facile, mais comment rĂ©sister Ă  un tel dĂ©fi ?

Jul 1991 · Genesis · read review

Player Reviews

Not bad, all things considered . . .

The Good
This is much better than "Spider Man and X-Men." The game has a comic book, if somewhat oversimplified, plotline: The Kingpin has framed Spidey and also has a huge bomb timed to go off if our hero doesn't defeat his super-powered henchmen in time to get the clues and the keys. Spidey makes good use of his web shooters to wrap up bad guys, shoot web balls, and swing from place to place. The rogues gallery is pretty decent as well: Sandman, Electro, Venom, Hobgoblin and the Lizard all make appearances. The final battles are appropriately chaotic, and getting to take snapshots of your battles to sell to the Daily Bugle later give it some depth.

The Bad
There's not a lot to dislike. It's hardly cutting-edge these days, but lots of fun. Hardcore gamers will dislike that it is rather simple and comparatively short, but if you want to play a game a few days and see the ending, it's still a satisfying experience.

The Bottom Line
Good for younger gamers (the violence factor is minimal) and those who just want to plug in a game and play it without having to learn a lot of sophisticated control schemes.

by dancinhomer (8) on Dec 11th, 2003 · Genesis

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