3-D Monster Chase

aka: 3D Monster Craze


3-D Monster Chase is 1st person perspective maze game where the aim is to collect seven keys as well as defuse bombs while avoiding monsters. The maze is made up of three floors which can be moved between by lifts and each key must be found in order. Once you find key one you then have to take it back to your starting position which then places a bomb in the maze. The bomb needs to be defused in a period of time before it explodes or you lose one of three lives. Once the bomb has been defused then you must find key one again before you can find key two and this is the sequence the keys must be collected for all seven keys. As you search the maze, monsters start to appear and a monster keeps appearing after a period of time. If you are caught by a monster then a life is lost but you are armed with a limited amount of grenades to throw. There are five skill levels (1-5) with one being the easiest.


Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

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