Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna)

aka: Kisima Ingitchuna, Never Alone: Console Edition, Never Alone: Ki Edition
Moby ID: 70260

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Windows credits (2014)

264 people (209 professional roles, 55 thanks) with 283 credits.

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)

Story inspired by
  • 'Kunuuksaayuka'
As told by
With permission from his daughter
Iñupiaq Cultural Ambassadors - Elders
Iñupiaq Translators
Cultural Storytellers
Iñupiaq Cultural Ambassadors (Cultural Insights Videos)
Iñupiaq Cultural Ambassadors (Additional Insights)

Game Development: Development Leads

Art Director
Technical Director
Lead Game Designer
Creative Director

Game Development: Engineering

Senior Engineer

Game Development: Art

Senior Artist
Support Artist

Game Development: Animation

Senior Animator

Game Development: Design

Game Designers
Additional Game Design

Game Development: Quality Assurance

Lead Quality Assurance
Senior Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Publishing: Upper One Games

Executive Producers
Producer (Media Sunshine)
PR and Media Assistance

Publishing: E-Line Media

Executive Chair
CEO, Co-Founder
President, Co-Founder
Chief Operating Officer
EVP - Finance
Studio Manager (E-Line Phoenix)
Director of Consumer Marketing
Social Media Manager

Publishing: Japanese Publishing by Unity Games Japan

Manager & Producer
Business Development Manager
Localization Director

Public Relations

Lead PR by Radiate PR
European PR by Deadgood Media
Australian PR by Surprise Attack

External Development Partners: Video Services by Shep Films

Camera Operator
First Assistant Camera

External Quality Assurance for Epic Store by Universally Speaking

QA Project Manager
QA Lead
FQA Tester
Senior QA Tester

External Development Partners: Localization Support by XLOC, Inc

Chief Technology Officer

External Development Partners: Translations provided by Universally Speaking

Project Manager

External Development Partners: Japanese Translation by Unity Games Japan

Localization Director

External Development Partners: Learning Science / Intergenerational Support

Learning Science / Intergenerational Support from
  • The ASU Center for Games and Impact
  • Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Director and Faculty
Associated Director and Faculty
Creative Producer

External Development Partners: Development Support from Ozone Interactive

Development Support from Ozone Interactive

External Development Partners: Supplemental Videography

Supplemental Videography by
  • Talking Circle

External Development Partners: Event Photography

Event Photography by
  • Wayde Carrol Photography

Additional Development

Concept Art
Tools Support
Animation Support
Production Support
Additional Writing
Market Analysis
Engineering Support
Game Design

Funding Partners

Funding Partners
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council Inc.
  • Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
  • Rasmuson Foundation
  • CITC Enterprises Inc.
  • E-Line Ventures LLC

Initial Project Stakeholder / Advisor Groups

Elders Advisors
Advisors from the Arts
Alaska Native Youth Advisors
CITC Employee Advisors



Special Thanks

Special Thanks to
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