Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces

aka: Infocom Masterpieces, Masterpieces of Infocom
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Good games, Bad packaging

The Good
All of the Infocom classics are reproduced on this CD with scans of the hint books and the documentation/maps in PDF format. The games are all top notch text adventures, and the price is right.

The Bad
Many infocom games are copy protected by referring to parts of the game manuals and props. Unfortunately, the scanned reproductions are of very low quality, and in some games (notably Starcross and Infidel) it is almost impossible to read the coordinates you need to get into the game. Worst of all, in Spellbreaker, they forgot to put in a few of the Enchanter cards, making it possible to get almost to the end of the game before you find out that you gave the wrong answer and you will have to start over. The entire PDF is only 40MB, they could have scanned the manuals in at a higher quality.

The Bottom Line
This is a compilation of all of the classic Infocom text adventures. The games are identical to the originals, but the documentation is unfortunately a low-quality scan, which is almost inadeqate to finish some of the games.

DOS · by Droog (460) · 2001

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