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Battlefield 1942 is a massive online multiplayer shooter roughly based on World War II, but with emphasis on balance and fun. Join armed forces of United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany or Russia, and battle up to 63 of your friends online. Have access to up to twenty different authentic weapons. Control any of the 30+ vehicles over land, on water, or in air. Combat takes place in four theatres; South Pacific, North Africa, and Eastern and Western Europe. Have epic battles with up to 64 players on the same map, or hone your skills in single-player mode against AI bots.


  • バトルフィールド1942 - Japanese spelling
  • 战地1942 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 戰地風雲1942 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Average score: 89% (based on 47 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 105 ratings with 7 reviews)

You won't find a better first-person shooter (FPS) game, period.

The Good
The absolute freedom of non-linear maps is a big reason why this game is the best of all time. You don't have to follow a specific path as in Medal of Honor or Castle Wolfenstein or any other FPS I can think of. You can see up to 1.5 miles into the distance and you can spend 10-15 minutes walking from here to there. Great graphics for the sheer size of it all. The vast range of weapons and vehicles that are at your disposal is impressive. You can fly planes and bombers, man AA guns and coastal guns, captain battleships, landing crafts, and submarines, drive tanks, jeeps, transport trucks. Then you can choose from 5 types of soldiers (infantry, armor, medic, engineer, sniper). You can pick up any dead soldier's pack. (Very helpful) Huge maps. Tactics for victory are limitless. Some of the things I've seen have been really funny. An Infantry dude got on top of my tank and I didn't know he was there. When I got out of my tank to check out a building, he jumped in my tank and nailed me . Another time, an engineer left a tank with expo packs around it out in the open. When I approached, he blew the packs and killed me...and then fixed the tank and drove off..

The Bad
Really nothing, but these are some petty annoyances. The controls are clunky. You've got keyboard, mouse, and joystick for planes and you have to switch back and forth depending on what you are doing. The game crashes from time to time, but it is a rare occurrence and only bothers me when I am leading in points.or about to take a critical flag. I had fun for the first week playing single player game but soon learned the bots AI went from lobotomy to gung-ho, snipe you from a mile away with very little in between. Don't even think of flying planes in single player near AA guns. I do most of my flying practice on empty servers. The communications interface could be easier. You must have a kick ass system of at least 1ghz with 512mb memory and broadband connection. This is strictly a multi-player (online) game with single player mode for practice.

The Bottom Line
Simply the best game I've ever played. The most open-ended game I've seen and the patches and updates only continue to improve this masterpiece.

Windows · by Matt Judge (2) · 2003

Vehicle mania and endless possibilities are what to find...inside.

The Good
The graphics are good, but bugs may pop up here and there. Don't expect to get good performance on a crappy system. The sounds and music are well-done and the choice of guns, classes, and vehicles increases the replay-value through the roof. The major aspect of the game is multiplayer, where 64 players can wage total war in complex maps through vehicles and firearms. This is a fun game that EA and Digital Illusions should be proud of.

The Bad
First off, if you are a single-player freak, like me, you will notice that the AI sucks the big one. In fact, you might want to play online just for the challenge. The vehicle controls are okay, but the physics engine could use some help. Many bugs, but most of the new patches can cure a quick cold in the game.

The Bottom Line
A great WW2 simulation game. With many vehicles to choose from and a multiplayer bonanza, this game makes a great addition to any WW2 fanatic's shelf. In fact, if you enjoy strategy, first person, or simulation games than you definitely want to check this one out. Go grab a copy of Battlefield 1942 and start waging war online or offline today!

Windows · by Josh Miller (6) · 2003

Best reason to have a LAN party ever.

The Good
Battlefield 1942 stands today as one of the hottest games for massive multiplayer LAN gaming, a true gameplay fest based on the simple concept of taking the tried and true class-based fps gaming and enhancing it by making it a truly massive experience thanks to it's 64 players-limit, it's gigantic maps and it's vehicle gameplay.

Based on non-linear game types with conquest and domination-type objectives, the maps span literally miles and miles of terrain, with a spawning base for each team (axis or allied) and dozens of tactically-exploitable landmarks inbetweens, showcasing all of the major theaters in WW2, from the seashores of the pacific islands to the demolished French countrysides and the deserts of northern Afrika. These large areas serve as a way to acomodate the large number of players, yet they also need to be so large due to the other big addition Battlefield brought and which involves the gigantic arsenal of vehicles you can command. Be it a Zero fighter, a Panzer tank or a U-boat, they are all here and allow you to take part in your favorite warfare role, from tactical sniping to aerial dogfighting, blending all gameplay mechanics successfully.

As befitting a game of this type, teamwork is heavily rewarded and most vehicles perform better when separate players handle different functions, at the same time, the class limitations and abilities give another twist to the run-and-gun gameplay that diversifies the gameplay options and extends the shelf-life of the title. The resulting mix could have easily ended in a "jack of all trades, master of none" situation, however Battlefield manages to pull it all off with hardly any problem and thus ends up being a real wonder to play. I had the opportunity to play with 20+ crowds and it's an incredible experience whenever everything works fine (more on that below), I can only imagine what it must be like to play on a fully loaded 64 players Lan...

The Bad
I have one big gripe with the game and a bitching issue. First of all, the big gripe is that if you like single player gaming then don't even bother to look at Battlefield. Sure, the game has bots... but seriously, there's nothing here for single players (and the bots are the Unreal kind: y'know, stupid and predictable in the easier settings, and stupid and predictable in the harder difficulties, except they suddenly gain such a mind-staggering accuracy that causes you to drop dead the second you cross their line of sight).

Besides that, as stated above the game is made by teamplay, and it's also broken by it as another reviewer noted. If everything and everyone works correctly then you are rewarded with a spectacular warfare simulation (sans all the boring details, of course) if not, then you get a lot of idiots running around and crashing onto each other with the planes. This is why I think the game is mostly a LAN game, as it's not only where you'll find the largest amount of players without lag problems, but it's also the best way you can find of making actual teams and coordinating gameplay. Most of the online games I've played where at best counter-strike games with vehicles, exploiting none of the best features the game has to offer.

Also a lot of interface conventions and controls need some time to become used to (case in point: the control changes when entering a vehicle and the infamous default parachute key).

The Bottom Line
Basically one of the best multiplayer games in recent memory, finally the big developing houses start to learn their lessons from the mod community (in fact, Battlefield owes a LOT to mods like the exceptional Day of Defeat). Battlefield brings to the multiplayer arena the best massive team-based fps gaming in recent memory and manages to cover all the bases successfully. Problems include a completely multiplayer-only design and (as with most multiplayer games) a big dependency on the human component.

Windows · by Zovni (10504) · 2005

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1001 Video Games

Battlefield 1942 appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Cancelled Xbox version

An Xbox version of Battlefield 1942 was planned, and was also going to support the Xbox Live feature. On January 15, 2003, EA declared that the game was cancelled. The official reason was that they wanted the developers to be able to focus on the expansion Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome instead. However, people speculated that the real reason was that EA felt they couldn't make any big money with a relationship with Microsoft.

Online servers

The game's online servers (which were hosted on GameSpy) were scheduled to shut down on 30 June 2014, like for other Electronic Arts titles in the wake of GameSpy's total closure.


  • 4Players
    • 2002 – Best PC Multiplayer Game of the Year
    • 2002 – #8 Best PC Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
  • Computer Games Magazine
    • March 2003 (Issue #148) - Co-Winner of of the 2002 Game of the Year Award
  • Computer Gaming World
    • April 2003 (Issue #225) - Multiplayer Game of the Year 2002
    • February 2006 (Issue #259) – Introduced into the Hall of Fame
  • GameSpy
    • 2002 – Multiplayer Game of the Year
    • 2002 – PC Action Game of the Year (Readers' Choice)
    • 2002 – Best Two-Song Soundtrack (PC)
    • 2003 - Best Mod of the Year (for Desert Combat)
    • 2011 – #15 Top PC Game of the 2000s
  • GameStar (Germany)
    • February 13, 2003 - Best Multiplayer Game in 2003 (Reader's Voting)
  • Golden Joystick Award
    • 2003 - Online Game of the Year 2002
  • PC Gamer
    • March 2003 - Best Game of the Year 2002
    • March 2003 - Best Multiplayer Game of the Year 2002
    • April 2005 - #9 in the 50 Best Games of All Time list
  • Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland (Entertainment Software Association Germany)
    • 2002 - Gold-Award for selling more then 100,000 (but less then 200,000) units in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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