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Democracy 3


Democracy 3 is the third installment in the Democracy series. The game is a turn-based political simulator in which you need to insure your reelection by managing various aspects of the state.

Your party's support is determined by the sum of your popularity among the 20 political groups and ideologies (liberals and conservatives, the poor and the wealthy, motorists and commuters, etc.) that make your population, and is modified by the your popularity with your core voters. You can gain or lose popularity by passing new legislation, adjusting the rates of existing policies and tweaking the tax and spending rates. Every citizen identifies with several non-contradicting ideologies (for example, an environmentalist middle-class parent or a religious patriotic motorist) meaning that every policy has a complex effect on your citizenry. To enact changes you require political capital. This can only be gained quarterly (i.e. each turn) from your ministers, and their support for you is directly proportional to their constituents support for them. Occasionally you'll be presented with a binary political dilemma (like appointing a liberal or conservative judge) to solve, which can solidify or damage your reputation among certain groups.

The game has several hidden continuous political situations, both good (gaining technological advantage or becoming highly productive) and bad (high pollution or civil service strikes) that can develop as a result of your policies. Furthermore, it has randomly occurring events which have nothing to do with your choices, but can still affect your popularity among voters.

Democracy 3, compared to its predecessor, offers improved graphics and sound. You can play as one of six predesigned countries, adjust your difficulty level, political apathy, innate liberalism and conservatism levels, as well as enabling or disabling disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

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