Psycho Hopper

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Psycho Hopper is a side-view horizontal scrolling game where the screen scrolls to the left or right when you move your hero on holiday. The ultimate holiday destination in the Universe is a planetoid called Dreams, half a light year from the centre of the Belt of Unreality, second on the left of Andromeda. The reason for its popularity is the strangeness and slight danger of each persons playground for the rich, and in the Season of High Unlikelihood you have decided to take a vacation here. Your vacation has become a treasure hunt in a fantasy castle, searching for four parts of a valuable on each level bouncing on a bouncebubble full of poisonous gas armed with a blunderbuss. As you bounce from the left to get to the far right of the level, you must shoot or avoid the various nasties on the screen and if you touch one then a gas gauge decreases and when it empties then you lose one of three lives. You must also complete the level before a timer reaches zero or the bouncebubble will explode and some obstacles kill you instantly if touched.


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Spectrum Version Issues

The Spectrum version cannot be completed, as it is not possible to bounce high enough to collect the furthest-right diamond on level two. Once this issue had been resolved, it was discovered that graphical corruption appears from the end of level 4 onwards, though only if sound is disabled on the initial menu. A version resolving both these issues is available from the World of Spectrum website.


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