Piraka Animation 01


This is the first episode in a series of six online animations made to promote the 2006 LEGO BIONICLE products and story. Each episode starts with a skippable text-only introduction giving the background and summarizing previous episodes. While most of the episode plays out like a movie, each has interactive mini-games. The mini-games are skippable.

In this episode, the evil Piraka have invaded the island of Voya Nui in order to find the legendary Mask of Life. To help them, they have used their Zamor Spheres to enslave the local Matoran population. When they take several Matoran to their stronghold, the first game starts. The player controls an enslaved Matoran who must catch Zamor crystals that are falling to the floor while avoiding rocks, which temporarily stun them. A total of ten must be caught. If even one hits the ground, the player must start over. The scene shifts to the Piraka overseeing their Matoran workers. The player then takes control of Piraka Avak as he tries to destroy a mountain with his weapon. The player must cause 100% damage within a time limit. Only the spots currently highlighted can be shot. After this, a Matoran escapes, but is caught by Piraka Thok, who makes a discovery. A "to be continued..." screen is displayed and the credits roll.

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Credits (Browser version)

8 People

Lead Production
Music & Sounds
Flash Development
3D Animation
3D Render & Modeling

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